My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


2. Meeting The Boys

I'm not as excited about meeting them, meanwhile Elise is out of her mind jumping off the walls looking for something decent to wear, while I, just threw on a gray t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and my gray Toms, and let my light brown hair fall to my back. Elise eventually comes down, wearing a beige strapless shirt, with jewels lining the seem of the shirt, and a pair of white shorts with a cute pair of flats, her blonde hair is up in a perfect bun, and a bit too much make-up for my taste. I just put mascara on. "Elise, you look like your preparing for a date." I tell her. "Well if your meeting One Direction, you would want to look good," she scans my outfit, "I can see that didn't cross your mind." and she struts away with her nose in the air. I roll my eyes at her, she's kind of getting a bit vain if you ask me. I hear a knock on the door. "Mum's home!" I yell across the room. I open the door to find my mum, and the boys behind her. "Hi mum, hi boys." I say. "Ellloooo!!!" they all chorus. "From what your mum told us your, Briella?" Harry asked. "Yep. And according to Katie your Harry?" I asked while they walk in. "Yes, I am." He holds out his hand and smiles. "You, need something?" I ask. "I wanted to shake your hand, love." he giggles. "Oh, sorry." I shake his hand and get Katie. "The boys are out there, go meet them." I tell her. "Eeek!" she squeals and jogs in. Ok, I have to admit, Harry was quite charming, as well as the others.


Harry's P.O.V
When Stella leads us to the house, I was quite excited. Two cute girls. Excited. When we are invited by a girl who looks dashing even in a grey t-shirt, I was stunned. The girl looked beautiful. She was quite funny when she was supposed to shake my hand, that was really cute. Then a cute girl with her hair in a bun, and wearing a cute outfits approaches and she looked a bit trampy, but bless her she was nervous as ever. She look beautiful, but I'm sure she would with out the makeup. "H-hi, Harry.." She studdered. I smile and said hello back. Not a bad bunch, but Briella seems like she doesn't care we are here, I'm guessing she isn't a fan? I don't know but that makes me want to know her even more.

Briella's P.O.V
I walk to to find the boys taking up the couches so I set myself on the floor. "Briella, why don't you ask us to move over, love?" Louis asks. "I like floor. And you all look comfy, and Katie doesn't want to move, she's in heaven." I say smiling, while Katie glares at me while sitting between Zayn and Liam. "You guys like scary films?" I ask, breaking the silence. "Yes" they all chorused. "Briellaa!!" I hear my mum calling me. "Katie, show them what we have. Mum is calling me." I rush up the stairs. "Yes mum?" I ask. "So the boys are going in tour, and I can't leave you girls alone while I'm in Iceland with the boys, so I'm dragging you girls along." she tells me. "Ughh, can't I just stay home?" I plead. "No. Your coming along. I know you don't like it but you need to. I don't care that your 18 either so don't pull that crap on me." she nags. I roll my eyes and leave. I go down stairs and Niall got some popcorn to eat, Louis is eating a carrot, and being odd, Zayn and Liam are goofing around and Katie's talking to Harry. I sit back down on the floor, and see we're watching Insidious. I yelp whenever something creepy comes on and everyone seems to enjoy my fear. At one point I get incredibly scared and Harry and Louis find it the perfect opportunity to scare me. They all scream and attack me. When they roll off I run into the kitchen trying to keep my sanity. Harry runs in and laughs and he's followed by Louis. I slap them both. And end up laughing. "You guys are really annoying!" I say. "Yeah but your enjoying our presence." says Louis with his cheeky smile. "totally." I say sarcastically. They not as bad as I thought. I learned they're pretty much down to earth guys, and I admire that. I notice Harry stealing glimpses of me, but I ignore and continue watching tv snuggled up next to Katie.
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