My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


9. It was a mistake..

It had to be a month before Niall mellowed and finally gotten over me. But I can still see it in his eyes he still has a thing for me. Harry and I honestly became closer. We aren't that lovey dovey type of couple, but the kind where we are mean to eachother but make it up by kissing or hugging. Katie is still single, but has a flirtationship with Louis, I honestly think they kissed before, just by the way they look at eachother. She and the other boys are really good friends. Yup. Everything is rainbows and kittens again. Me, Louis, and Zayn are best friends. I don't know how.. It kinda just happened, you know? "Louis! Get off of me!!" I can recognize Liam's voice from across the bus as he screamed. I walk over over to the couch and try and pull Louis off as he's sprawled on top of Liam, but he's just too heavy. "Oh wow Louis! What have you been eating!?" I breath the words as he puts all of his weight on Liam. "Louis! I can't breath your crushing my insides!" Liam manages to say. I let go and pretty much fly onto the floor. "Oof!" I moan in pain for my bum. "Louiis! Your gonna wrinkle your clothes!" my mom warns him as she walks in. "Hehe! Sorry Stella.." Louis studders as he flops off of Liam, he's obviously scared of my mum. He should be. We are in Florida. It's so beautiful. The blue oceans, the palm trees, the warm weather. It's hardly like England. "Mum! Could we see Aunt Shirlene? Wait didn't she move!" I hound her as she smokes a cancer stick outside. "I don't think she lives in Jacksonville, she might live in Orlando. And were defiantly not going there." she declines the offer as gray smoke pours out of her mouth. "Can I walk?" I confidently ask her. "Honey, we are all the way in northern Florida, that's in the middle of Florida, I can't risk that." she still declines. "Fine but were going when this crazy tour is over." I complain. "Of course we are." she sarcastically says. "Put that motherkiller out while your at it. Your will get cancer." I demand her. "Now you sound like my mum!" she mocks me. I walk back inside and cough as that dastardly smoke swirls around my face. How could my mum and Zayn put up with that. It's vile. Im greeted by Harry's soft lips when I walk into my 'room'. "Hello my pretty pretty lady." Harry's sings as he cradles my in his arms. "Aww Harold." I yelp. "Can we do something today, just me and you?" He asks me very desperately. "Sushi, Mexican?" I suggest. "Mexican! I want some tacos." he chirps. "Haha, tacos it is." I confirm as I kiss his cheek.

So it's about time before me and Harry start walking. We found a nice place that's about 13 minutes from us called Fernando's. I don't get dressed to fancy, it's a Mexican restaurant so I put on a pair of bleach dyed skinny jeans, a red, green, and blue top on, along with a pair of red Toms. I put on a little bit of eyeliner and brown mascara. I braid my hair and put a black clip bow. I walk out and see that Harry is wearing a gray blazer, a black shirt and nice slacks. He is wearing black Adidas and his curly hair is all over the place. Everyone is in the boys room watching a stupid movie. I peek in and see that Louis and Katie are snuggling. And the boys are having a three way bromance. "Guys me and Harold are leaving, be sure to tell Stella." I update them. They all put they're thumbs up and Louis shoots me a cocky wink. I smile and take Harry's hand.
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