My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


10. It was a mistake.. Part 2

Dinner with Harry was better than anything. We talked about what we liked, I mean, we had only known eachother for at least a week and a half. He enjoyed his well deserved tacos, and I could also see fans pointing him out, but respected him enough to leave him to his business, and I smiled at them. When we finally got back to the bus, all was quiet. I'm guessing everyone hit the sack because it was very quiet. Paul was sprawled on the couch and my mum was in my 'room'. "Goodnight Harry, I love you." I whisper, kissing him on the cheek. "Goodnight my beautiful Bri." he whispers back, and we exchange amorous hugs, and go our separate ways. I'm about to go into my room, when two muscular hands are gripped onto my shoulders, and before I can say a word, I'm kissing Niall.

"NIALL!" I loudly whisper. I back away as I'm shocked, for he knew I loved Harry. He jogs away as I can see he caught eyes with someone. Harry. I'm scared to turn around. But I do. Tears are making his eyes become glassy. "Harry.." I say weakly. He ignores me and walk into the boys room. I can sense he's giving Niall nasty looks as he walked in. My throat becomes tight, and I can feel myself nearest to crying. I want to go home. Something bad had to happen. Just had to. Im furious. Furious. Harry had such delicate feelings and Niall knew that. He betrayed his trust.

Harry's P.O.V

I just came from drinking a glass of water, and seeing my beautiful girlfriend kissing one of my best friends. Niall runs into the room, and Briella's just standing there like she doesn't realize what happened. I'm sure she does though. "Harry.." she softly says. My head turns to face the floor, because I can't look her in the eyes, and sadly walk into my room with a tear rolling down my face. I wasn't ready to hear what she has to say. "Harry in sor-" Niall starts. "Not right now buddy." I put my hand up to indicate im not ready to talk. He betrayed me. I mean don't gets wrong I still love the guy, but im starting to question it. I loved Briella.

Briella's P.O.V

"Louis I feel terrible, Harry hates me" I sob into Louis's chest. "Briella, it'll get better. Niall is being punished by me. No food for 6 hours." Louis says trying to comfort me. Zayn is rubbing my back comfortly. "Louis is right. He always is. He's the oldest." Zayn chirps. "Damn right." Louis boasts. I cry so much I almost become dehydrated. Liam eventually comes in with Katie and they comfort me as well. Everybody is comforting me. Oh man. "Girl! You need to stop crying and talk to tjose idiots." Katie sings. Louis gives her a flirty smile. "Katie, its not that easy. Harry probably hates the hell out of me." I breath with my voice cracking. Louis pulls away, and Zayn psys my back. I'm confused. "Go talk to him. Then you'll get some more of this loving." Louis jokes and holds out his two arms and shakes his torso. I sigh and cup my face. I let my hands drop. Harry walks in, and a silence spreads across the room and I can see him in the corner of my eye, looking at my red face, and my cheek wet with tears, my eyes find the ground, and he turns and greets the others, and walk away. I'm in a terrible position. I miss Harry.
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