My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


3. Getting used to "them."

"That's not fair, you cheated you, fart!" I scream at Harry, because he saw my card. "It's your mistake dear!" He flirts with me. "Would you two stop flirting and get back to the game?!" Katie yells. "Shut up!" I glare at her. "It doesn't matter because Liam is winning." Louis says. "Damn right" Liam boasts. I actually liked them. They weren't as oozing with confidence and vain than what I thought. They're pretty down to earth, and incredibly charming. I already nknew how to explain them, Louis, cheeky, funny, odd, Harry, flirty, quiet, and handsome, Liam, serious, funny, Zayn, mysterious, vain, realllyy cute, Niall, Irish, eater, laughs at everything. It was weird how close you become with people after a day. "I need food!" Niall moans as he raids the fridge. "can we stop at Nandos?" he begs. "Niall, that's like 134 miles back." Louis says. "And?" he replies. I shake my head and chuckle. "Do you want me to make you something?" I ask, getting up from the floor. "Yes!" Niall chirps. "Okay now shush and sit down." the tour bus is really wobbly so I can't stand right, especially since my legs fell asleep. While im making Niall his food, my pocket vibrates. "oh my god. Katie I need you NOW." I say, close to the edge of crying. I can see the boys were concerned cause they all leaned while sitting to look in the kitchen, while Katie trots in. I'm taking breaths in and out. "He texted me again." I say handing the phone over to Katie. "Oh my god that little bastard! He thinks he has the right to text you 'oh your such a hoe, but I miss you?' what the fuck is that!" she curses, while, yelling. The boys are coming in. I grab my phone. "something wrong, love?" Harry questioned me. I turn around because I'm honestly about to cry. Katie didn't say what the text was aloud, but pretty much explained what he was saying, and it was pretty vile. "yep. Just an annoying ex.. I'll take care of it." I say, rubbing my fore head, and Harry lets his hand drop with one last squeeze. I decide to block him, but he keeps texting. I ignore it and cook Niall his food. His Mac and cheese is done so I put it in a bowl and hand him it. We get back to playing UNO. "wow I'm actually winning." I say surprised. "oh carrots!" Louis yelps because I defeated him. "what about them?" I say. Everyone laughs. "no I'm serious.." they ignore me and continue to play. "I'll be right back." I say taking my cards with me. I go to my mum who is in her room. "Are we there yet?" I ask. Iceland is really far. And I'm bored. "four more hours." she replies.
I walk back to the room. "katiee. Can Iisten to your iPod. I'm very bored." I plead. "your bored. And you're sitting in a room with One Direction, what's wrong with you." she scolds me while tossing her phone to me. "You've got a bunch of One Direction on here. Jesus Katie.." I say, and the boys chuckle whilst Katie blushes. "Have you actually heard us?" Zayn asks. "No, not at all, just what makes you beautiful, that's like playin everywhere, not any other song." I admit. "Well, instead of listening to music in the iPod, why don't we sing for her, boys?" Louis suggests. They all agree. They start singing, One thing, followed by Moments, then Save Your Heart, then, pretty much all of their songs. I pretty much just got a private concert from One Direction. "Wow." that was all I could say. And it was, 'wow'. "you, are incredibly talented," I admit. They all high five an come bear hug me. "Was my opinion that important?" I ask. "Well, yeah.. Its nice to share our music with someone who's never heard it" Niall says. I smile and leave to the kitchen. I open the cupboard and see theres a cup all the way up top, and I'm really small. I try to reach, before I know it, a masculine hand falls on mine and helps me get the cup, my eyes meet with none other than Harry. I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and thank him. I smile very sheepishly and leave the room. My tummy explodes with butterflies flying around everywhere. I think falling for Harry Styles.
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