My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


19. Getting Groceries..

"Briella, can you run to the store for me?" My mom comes in. "Get Katie to." I say, my eyes peeled to the T.V. "I can't get Katie to do everything. She's not even here, she's out with the boys." She updates me. I just woke up. It's like 3:30 pm. "My legs hurtt." I moan. "From being an idiot and fighting that girl?" She scolds me. "No, from being 19. I'm almost as old as you mum." I mock her. "Shut up you. Please go to the store pleasee!" She begs. "fine." I say standing. "Here is the things I need." She hands me a note that says:




Ground meat




Chicken.. Etc.


"Does shoving a cotton thingy up you cooch hurt?" I say, trying to make it sound, not, perverted. "Briella! Shut up and go!" She pushes me out the door with her keys in my hand. I go to her Black BMW, and climb in. "How are you Betsy." I say to the car. Yes. I named my mothers' BMW. I start the engine and change my mom's rock music to pop, r&b, reggae, etc. "This is my JAM!" I say, driving off, and singing to Look After You.

If I don't, say this now, I will surely break.

As I'm leaving the one I want to take

Forgive the urgency, but hurry up and wait.

My heart has started to, separate..

Oh oh, oh oh

Be my baby, Oh oh, oh..

Oh oh, oh oh, And I'll look after youu..

I'm absolutely in love with that song. I heard Louis singing that song on some site.. But he was amazing. It's no surprise he is where he is now. People told me I had a great singing voice, but I really don't thing it's something to brag about. I'm more interested in the guitar. 


I reach Mario's Market, step out, lock the doors. I walk into the market and see Gianna. Is she everywhere now? I walk past her, hoping she didn't see me. But she does. "Haha. Yup. I beat her little bum in the fight." She says to her followers. I turn around. "Gianna, I don't care what rumours you make up about me, but, you didn't do shit." I say, continuing on with my quest. "Hmm hmm.." I hum the tune of Hurt. I throw all my needed things in the basket, and walk to the cashier. I put everything on the roller. I pay which was about £34.12. I leave but, I'm stopped by a ear-piercing schreech. I turn around and see Gianna smirking. The alarms went off. She put something on me that I didn't buy. Sunglasses. The man comes up to me, pulls me into, some weird room, tells me to stay there. "I DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING." I shout back. "Then how do you explain these?!" The man holds up the silly looking, diva glasses. "THAT GIRL OUT THERE PUT THEM IN MY POCKET!" I shout. "No, she didn't do that. If you want to get out, you need to call a parent, you stupid, thieving.." He whispered the last part under his breath. "UGH!" I complain. 


I take out my blue iPhone, dialing Katie. I couldn't call my mom, because I took her car. "katie, I need you to go to Mario's Market.." 

"What'd you do now?" She says, I can hear the boys in the background.

"Gianna, she put some sunglassses in my pocket, and I left, and, I set the alarm off." 

"Briella! Your so stupid! Oh my goshhh! I'm going to kill you!" She says.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!!"  

"Just shut up, I'll be there soon."


About 10 minutes later, Katie comes in with Lou. I stand up. "Mom's gonna kill you." She whispers. As we're walking by, I see Gianna snickering. I carry the bag into the BMW. I drive back home, with Katie and the boys following me.        "That's why, you should've stayed home, and gone to the market, instead of me!" I yell at Katie, while we all walk into the house. "Well maybe, If you weren't stupid enough to fight Gianna, and let the problem fix itself, we wouldn't be in this situation!" She yells, as the boys stand next to us. "BLAH BLAH!" I yell. I put the groceries on the kitchen table and see my mom standing there.. "What happened?" 


I walk out, and stopped by Liam.. "I apologize, but that was hilarious." He says, breaking down laughing. "Mhmmm.." I roll my eyes, smiling.

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