My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


14. Everything about you. (Louis P.O.V)

Katie makes it really hard for me to get over the kiss we shared a couple days ago. She's giving me all these seductive looks, dressing amazingly.. I just can't her out of my mind. It's already been a month since Harry and Briella got back, I honestly feel something for her, but she's dating my best friend, so she's off limits. It's just, both if these girls are incredibly fit, and they are both glued to my head.. But I have to pick Katie, she's the one.. I know she is. I climb out of the hotel bed, kicking my dirty clothes aside, and reaching the bathroom. I undress and take a shower. After 5 minutes, I step out of the shower, rustle my towel on my head to try and get a bit dried up there. I comb my hair, brush my teeth, and wrap the towel around my lower body. I go out into my room, putting a black stripped shirt on, along with a pair of dark beige jeans, and a pair of sneakers. I leave my hair messy, because I didn't feel like brushing it. "Morning lads!" I chirp, but soon after yawn. "Morning Louiss." the boys tiredly moan. "Niall want some cereal?" I assuredly ask. "Sure." he tiredly shouts. "Where are the ladies?" I ask. "They're all sharing a room" Harry advises me. "Sucks for them." i say, pouring milk into two bowls. "Niall, Cheerios or Cinnamon toast?" I ask turning around. "Whatever one is sweeter." Niall shouts. I pour the cinnamon toast into his bowl, and carry it over to him. "Thanks Lou." Niall mumbled as he digs in. "Woah woah! Don't choke yourself lad!" Liam warns. I chuckle as I'm pouring my Cheerios.

"MORNINGG." I hear Briella shout and stretching her arms, while dragging her feet across the floor. "Morning love." Harry greets her with a kiss. It was great seeing them together again. I'm such a genius. "Hey Bri." patting her head as she raids the fridge. "Hey Mr.Carrot." she mumbles. "Not a morning person, are we?" I ask, rubbing her arm. "Nope, not at all." she replies. "Two more concerts left until the end if the tour, huh?" she sadly asks. "Yeah. Everything went by so fast.." I complain. "You boys better come visit us." she threatens. "You know Hazza will," I say assuringly. "I know.." sh replies. "Me and Katie are going to Germany.. And we might not be around.. Sadly." she tells me. "Your pa?" I ask, knowing the answer. All she does is nods. "haha." I chuckle. She gets up and walk over to the balcony, when she puts her body out there, she squeals and jumps back in. "Oh my gosh, it's so hot.." she complains. Yes. California was really hot.. I chuckle at her. "Is it like, boiling?" Zayn asks, half asleep. "Yeah, it woke me up.." she says, shakin her head. "I'm going to get Katie up. she's not supposed to be sleeping this long." she tells us. "it's only 9, love." Harry chuckles. "Exactly." she seriously says. I chuckle as she walks into her room.

"One more concert to go! Lets make this one the best! Ok?" Liam encourages us. We all scatter on stage. We sing What Makes You Beautiful, and during Harry's solo, we obviously annoy him, and he trys to stop us, but we obviously don't. "Chicken Stewwwwwww!" Harry sings changing the lyrics to amuse the audience. I laugh, pulling the microphone from my mouth. Then finally go back to singing. 10 minutes later, me and the boys shout, "Good night San Diego!" and run off stage. One more state left..

Finally getting back to the hotel, I decide I should make a move on Katie. When I call her, her face is all grumpy. "What's wrong?" I concernly ask. "It's my time of month.." she says. "Ohh..." I back up. "I'm not gonna kill you!" she shouts. "Oh k.. Well, I wanted to know if you wanted to talk quickly. On the balcony perhaps?" I ask changing the subject. We step out into the groggy Californian air. "Can I help you?" she says. "It's everything about you Katie. I can't get you out if my head.." I jump right to the point. "What? Is it about that kiss? Louis, something came over me.. I couldn't, stop myself." she reminds me. "Im glad you didn't stop yourself. Because I wouldn't feel like this Katie." I mutter. "Louis, if your asking to be together, then, yes. Of course.." she studders. I search her eyes one last time before kissing her. There was so much romance around this group, it was crazy. "Louis, if we don't see eachother, for a long time, promise me we will wait fit eachother, please.." she pleads. "How can I forgot you, or move on from you.." i skeptically ask. I pull her into a strong hug. "I love you.." she whispers as we're hugging. "I love you too." I reply. Oh my Katie. It's everything about her..

Sorry for the random chapter, just something to keep you entertained!! I really hope you like this story!! It means a lot hearing from all you!! I love you!! Thanks for reading!! ~Elise❤
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