My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


18. Drama galore..

Everyone was eating, including me. We caught up, and time to blow out candles came. I hate being center of attention, like when they sang the Birthday Song. My mum made my favorite cake, Pineapple Upside down cake, It was amazing. It tasted like it came from a bakery. She made this, homemade. That's what the boys told me. "Oh my gosh! THIS IS AMAZING STELLA!" Harry shouted. "Thanks babe." She laughed while we went from serving to serving. "Mum, more gimme more!!" Katie shouted. "Why don't you get off your lazy bum and do it yourself?" My mum snaps back. "Fine then!" She runs to the kitchen. After fighting over the last piece, we finally settle down and talk. "Yes, I do admire you guys." Wyatt tells them. "Your a real man if you listen to us." Louis says. 


After talking non-stop, the doorbell rings. "I GOT IT!" Katie shouts. She runs up to the door. Only to reveal one person that I want to murder so much. Gianna.


I stand up. Walk over to the door. Push Katie aside. Spit in her face. And say: "Leave." And slam the door in her face. I turn around and I see Ronnie run up to me. "You really stupid. She's going to kill you in school. But good job, aside from that." She warns me. "Are you like the mole of the school? How do you know this stuff?" I ask. "Briella. What in gods name was that for? Your making more drama! You should not have done that. Go apologize, I don't care what 'feelings' you have for her, you need to apologize." my mom says. "I'm not apologizing. Never." I say. "It was just a bodily fluid that happened to end up on her face from me." I smile. Ronnie and Wyatt start cracking up, and stop when my mum gives them a death stare. "Briella." "Mom." this goes on for 1 minute.


"I'm not apologizing. I'm not." I protest. "Fine. Do what you please." My mom storms out of the room. "She says i'm creating drama." I mumble under my breath. The boys stare at me like it's another part of me they've never seen. And it's true. "Okay, Briella, what you just did, was amazing." Katie says. "No, it wasn't." I look at her. "Yes. It was so, orderly.." Niall says. "Orderly.. Nice.." I smile. "That was a bit messed up love.." Harry says. "Yeah, well, she deserved it." I smile. They babble on and on, until the bell rings. I stand up, walk over. I open the door. "What." 

"Nice to see you too." Gianna says.

"Not really." I lean against the door.

"Is, Kaitlyn here?"

"Why. And her name isn't Kaitlyn, it's Katie." I mock a polite persons voice.

"Well, is she here?" She nastily says.

"Nope. She went to China." I sarcastically say.

"I need to talk with her, about, a person.."

"I'm not a messenger. And Katie doesn't want to talk with you. So you can leave."

I see her peaking in, and looking at the boys. 

"Fine. Look you fat pig I-" I interupt her by punching her. "YOU HAD THAT COMING." I shout.

I see everyone inside stand up, because I charged after her, and started to fight.


-Harrys P.O.V-

"GUYS STOP!" I shout. What happened to Bri? Why was she like this. She changed.. She isn't the girl I thought I knew. And I hated the new person she's become. "BRIELLA STOP!" Louis shouts. "I'M NOT CONTROLLING THIS!" She shouts, as she pounds Gianna in the face. Zayn went behind Gianna, and I went behind Briella. We pulled Gianna off of Briella. "Briella.." Katie looks at her, disgustedly. I was disappointed. Very. "GIANNA. LEAVE. NOW." I yell. She struts off. Briella looks at everyone and walks inside. She was disappointed that we witnessed this side of her. "What has gotten into her.." Louis says. "I'm not sure.." I say, looking at her with worried eyes as she sets herself on the couch.


-Briella's P.O.V-

"I'm sorry you saw that.." I look down. I was really upset. It was a mix of things, the Gianna thing, and the anniversary of my brother's death was coming up.. Katie understood. She was there when I changed that first year. "It's a long story, but she has a lot on her mind, it's the whole situation with Gianna, and something else that was bothering her.. But It's too personal." Katie says when I walked into the kitchen. "Well what happened?" Liam asked as Ronnie and Wyatt come in. "That was, unexpected." Wyatt laughs. "I'm sorry. She just, made me snap, and it's not like me to do that. I apologize for my crappy behavior." We all look at eachother, and smiles eventually grow on our faces, and we start to laugh. "That was too funny. I'm sorry, the way her face looked when you kneed her there! Oh my gosh!" Ronnie laughs. "Our brother died in a fire and Briella has been taking it hard, and she tried hard not to show her evilness around this time, but the two situations was really overwhemling.. and she snapped." I over hear as I'm in the kitchen. It was true. When our dad left, Avery was like a second Dad toward us. He was always there to protect us, took us out, you know. He was a firefighter, and he died trying to save other peoples life. That night, me and him got in a fight about who knows what. And I told him I hated him. And I never said I love him, or, how much I appreciated him. He was only 24 when he died. And I never got to clear up. And I was heart broken when I heard the news. It was like a part of me died. His death anniversary was in 1 week, and when it gets close to that, I become some, witch-like creature that is always sad. And I hated acting like this infront of them.


"Briella, we understand, we don't look at you any differently." Zayn says. "Yeah but, I don't like this area of time. And it's my birthday. I should be happy." I say. "You should be. Instead your sulking. Your still my crazy little fart!" Louis says. "We understand. Just look forward. Don't look back. Come on! It's your 19th! Be happy!! Your making us sad by being sad." Liam chants. "It not really that easy.."    "Briella, that was 3 years ago!" Harry points out. "Yeah but.."  "This is ridiculous. Bri, look, I understand, Katie explained everything. I understand it's hard but you need to live in the present. Your only living in the past." Liam says. After 5 minutes of arguing, the boys won. I finally overcame everything. But my heart still hurt. I would never really get over it. It was always still in the back of my mind. This time area was like the depression for me. It was terrible. But my friends helped me. We spent the rest of the evening watching a movie. Me and Harry cuddled, Katie and Lou did as well, and so did Liam and Ronnie, while Wyatt, Niall, and Zayn had a threeway bromance like back during the tour. Everything okay again. But the memories still made me upset. Harry inturrupted my thoughts, by kissing me. It eventually turned into a make out, but we weren't on top of eachother. We we're still in our cuddling positions. I turned back and watch the stupid movie.





Oh me gawd. I'm somewhat proud of this chapter. I don't really know why. Today, I was feeling all, artsy, and motivated, so here ya go! :D Lots of Lovee!xxxxxx 




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