My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


8. Breaking It To Everyone

The next day I woke up to Harry, hovering over me. "Good morning, beautiful." He says. "Hiya Hazza." I smile, pecking him on the cheek. "We have to tell the others.. You know, Louis will kill me if he doesn't know first." Harry says. "Yeah, but then he's gonna scream that we're together, you know?" I say drinking the milk Harry brought in for me as he sits down on the matress. "I'm aware." He flashes his smile. "I'll let you get ready while I tell Louis.. And make him swear he won't say a word to anyone." He says. "Mmk." I say, smiling a smile, I was half asleep, so I couldn't flash a smile he calls, sexy. I get up, brush my hair down put on a undershirt and put a flowy beige shirt and put on dark blue capri's, and black vans. I just put my hair in and bun and put mascara on. I walk out into the kitchen, and eat an orange. Then Louis comes jogging in. "So, you and Harry, made it official yet?" Louis asks, with his eager smile. "Yes Louis.. Don't go telling everyone else, me and Harry will do that." I warn him. "I'm super happy!" Louis pulls me in to a hug. "Have you met a girl yet?" I ask. ''I kind of fancy Katie, she's pretty sweet." He says. "Awws. I'd be really happy if you became my brother-in-law. haha!" I say. He smiles and leaves. I decide I go tell Katie.. but I can't find her.. I go ask my mom.. "Mum, where's Katie..?" I ask. "She's in the tour bus, isn't she?" My mum says. "no.. she isn't" I start to get worried.. "What?" My mom asks. "I'll call her." I say. I type her number in, but it's busy. "No answer.." I say.. "Where the hell would she go?" she asks. "Have you seen Liam?" I ask. "Yeah, he's in his bunk." She answers. "One more thing, not really important, but me and Harry got together.. So I'll go looking, kay bye.." I leave before she can say anything I hear chuckling from the room I just left. "Hey wh-" Harry was interrupted. I fled the bus and started to scream Katie. The boys came out after. "Whot's going on? Is everything okay?'' Zayn asks. "Katie, she's not answering, and I can't find her.." I tell Zayn, still walking around looking. I'm worried sick.




"KATIE!" I yell. No answer. I get tired and sit behind a tree. The boys are going crazy especially Louis and Liam, no Niall though... I try and catch my breath. I look up and see a blonde haired girl with a tall male, with blond hair. "Katie?!" I yell, "The girl suddenly looks at me and yells 'Yes?' I run over and smack her. "The boys.... And.... I have been....." I can't seem to catch my breath. "We've been looking... everywhere.." I say. "Why? I'm just talking to Niall?" She says. "WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE?" I yell. "Niall, you scared us all to death, we were looking for you too!"  I say. "Sorry, I just wanted to talk to her.." He says. "Guys can't you tell anyone first?" I say." And I have to tell you guys something, just not now, you don't deserve it." I say. "Well I'm going back to the boys." Niall says, smiling at me and Katie. "Katie, me and Harry, we got together.. and Louis, he really likes you.." I confess. She smiles, "Aww! Finally. And I know.. I'm kind of in a love triangle right now, I'm so confused.." She says, I can see the distress in her eyes. I hated seeing her like that. She was 1 year older and she was always mistaken as the younger one. She was really strong, but you can tell she's torn because she looks like she's about to break down. "Katie, who ever you like the most, choose them. That's your best choice." I tell her. She smiled, and hugged me, congratulated me once more and left. I could tell she was upset, because she would've been bouncing off the walls screaming happy, but Niall must've said something that got her upset.. I sit down, I decide it's a good time to take a break and think to myself. I'm leaning against a tree with my eyes closed, and looking back on my life. When I was 7, my father taught me to play the guitar, I smiled at those times, my father was amazing. He always cared for me and Katie, watched out for me and her. I when I was in 4th grade, I met my best friend, Gisell, me and her always got along. And when I turned 13, I met Joshua. He was sweet. I didn't know a lot about him when we dated. But I knew he was good looking and nice. One day, I'm talking to one of my guy friends, and Joshua stops me. He pulls me to the side where no one sees us, and pretty much hammered me in the face. I hold my right side of my face and cry. He told me to meet him after school, and If I don't he'll hurt me. I stop thinking, about it, because now I have Harry.. And I don't want to cry..




When we got back to he R.V, I go into my matress, and read, and Harry is out there babbling. I read and read, until I hear gasps and clapping.. and footsteps. I'm like"he told them" "YEAHHHH!!" The 2 boys come running into hug me. "The hell..." I say. "FINALLY! JESUS!!" Liam yells."hmm." I say. "Niall didn't seem too happy.." Zayn says. "Why?" I say feeling guilty, "He had a little crush on you." Liam says. "What?" I say. I never thought of Niall like that, just as a best friend. He did have sensitive feelings though, and I, I never knew he felt that way. "I never knew he felt like that." I admit. "Well, he's really upset." Zayn says. "So, VAS HAPPENING, BARRY!!" Zayn yells. I laugh. They all give me a congrats hug and leave. I leave to go take a walk when Katie stops me. "Where are you going?" She asks. "I'm going to look for Gisell, I want to see if she still lives where she did." I say. We were very close to Sayreville, so I go to where I used to live by. "Well, can we come?" She asks. "You, but not them. She will die." I say. "Oh yeahh!! I remember, she had posters up of you guys got big!" Katie says. "Well I don't care it's always fun to meet a fan!" Lou says. "Are you all sure?" Everyone nods in agreement. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to my home town. Now we need to walk to Albert Avenue." I say. They all moan. As we're walking, I noticed Harry's curls where pulling out fans, so I go into my sling bag and give him a beanie. "Oh thanks love." Harry says whilst putting it on his head. Fewer and fewer fans came by because I made his hair look less like 'Harry Styles'. Me and Katie were pointing out places where we used to go to when we lived here. Took us 10 minutes to get to her house. "Katiee! I give you the honor of ringing her doorbell," I say, moving back and Harry's arm meeting my waist. "Thank you, love" She says in reply. "Guys, brace yourself for one of the most terrifying screams, EVER." I say. They all nervously chuckle, but Louis makes it much more obvious. Katie rings her doorbell."3,2,1. Heyy!!" Me and Katie count down. "Oh, my, god, Katie, Briella ONEIRECTION? HOLY SHIT!" She screams. "Come in, OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU GUYS, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU BOYS!" She says. "We came visit love!" I say with my Cheshire accent. "You girls have a British accent? Oh my gosh, I miss your Jersey accents." She says. Yes. We had pure Jersey accents. "But, wow.. I'm, just, wow." She says, looking at the boys.





"Why, is One Direction, with you, in my house.." She says, really trying not to cry. "My mum works for them." I tell her. "My mom is still a bus driver! Dude, your so lucky" She says. Harry sneaks his arm around my waist, trying not to get her to notice while everyone is chatting. I'm just smirking while trying to listen to them. Louis smiles at us. "I just wanted to say, Niall, I love you." She says. "Thanks girl!" He says pulling her into a hug. "Your dreams came true after 2 years." I say. "Yeahh. Oh, I see you and Harry have a little thing..!" She says noticing his arm around my waist.. I see Niall's face drop.. "Yes, they are in complete, utter, love." Louis announces. "Damn gurl!" She says. "You really enjoy us, don't you?" Liam points at her many, many posters of the boys."Yes I do." She says, with pride but a hint of shyness. They all smile at her. "You know, Martyna will be really jealous of you, Briella." She says. "It was her loss." I wink at Harry. "So what are you all doing here?" She asks. "We're on tour, and Briella wanted to come see you." Liam explains. I flash her a sweet smile. "Yep, I missed my gazelle." I say. "Aww Bri, Kate!!" she says. Me and Katie flash eachother devious smiles and pounce on her for a hug. "Haha!" Harry, and Niall laugh. All the others are smiling. "I need to give you girls my number, I'm sure your like, very busy." Gisell says caringly. "We're not, but they are, and yes, I will take your number." I agree.. "Just let us know if you get a new phone" Katie warns her. "Yeah, I will, I forgot about the last time.. hehehe.." She tells us guiltily. "What's your favorite song from us?" Zayn asks. "There's a lot... but my favorite is One Thing.." She says, thinkning really hard. "Oh that's one of my favorite on the album." Niall confesses. "hehe, good.." Gisell studders.


When Gisell's mom comes home, she shoos us out because Gisell wasn't supposed to have friends over. "She was nice.." Niall admits about Gisell with a cute smile slapped on. "Yep.." Katie says. It was an awkward silence, me and Katie were the only talking, It's like we were drifting off.. It took us atleast 20 minutes to get back to our secret area. When we got in, Niall pulled me aside by the bathroom. "Look, Briella, I really like you.. I know you love Harry, but, I feel like I love you more.." Niall confesses. "Niall, I, honestly have no clue what to say, I never saw me and you as a couple, only as best friends, and don't take this to heart, please, your a sweet boy, but, I don't think we will ever be more than friends." I tell him giving him a weak smile. I saw his face drop, I almost felt like I killed his confidence. "Niall, Please don't feel bad, your a darling, and I'm obviously not that girl, but so many girls are waiting for you, hopefully you'll find that one girl, Niall." I explain to him, I flash him a weak smile. "But Briella," he says before I interupt him. "Come here love." I give him a hug. "Anything I can do for you I'll always be here." I peck him on the cheek and walk out. I felt terrible..


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