My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


21. Black out..

I already saw pictures of my engagement ring on google, twitter, etc. All I could say was, "Wow." It was incredible. All the Harry shippers probably hate me to death now. Every time I log onto Twitter there is always hate, rarely any congratulations, and every time I got nice messages, I followed that person. It's my way of saying thanks. My brothers death day is today. I'm not going upstairs at all. I'm too broken. If anyone wants me, they can come down here. And It's my time of month. I'm just about to close my eyes when Harry comes down to check on me. 

"Hi Harry." I smile.  "Are you okay? Do you need anything?" He asks sitting on my futon making where he is sitting sink. "I'm perfectly fine. Thank you hon." I smile weakly at him. "As long as your ok," He smiles. "I'm wonderful, just a little blue." I say. "Well everything happens for a reason." He says. "Yeah yeah, you cheesy boy." I smile. "Love you too." he smiles. "Come here." I pull into a hug. "I needed a Styles' hug." I whisper. "Well there you go." He whispers back while we are still hugging. When we pull back we both go in for a quick kiss. "I'm going back upstairs, just text me if you need anything." He says. "Okay." I say.


-Harry's P.O.V-

She was nicer today actually. She's never that sweet or mellow. I mean, she's great, and sweet, but never not that sweet. She was really cuddly today too. I wish she was like this more often. I'm a snuggler! Everytime I log onto Twitter I see hate on her wall. It breaks my heart because she's not anything those people say. I can tell the true fans apart from the fake ones in situations like these. I decide to take a stand and post something. 



"Harry Styles

@Harry_Styles: Please stop sending hate to @BriMiller. She is a wonderful person and doesn't deserve any hate. And If you are a true fan you should be happy for me. xx"

I think that should do it. Louis and Katie are snuggling and kissing every now and then on the couch and watching Love Actually. "OH! Can I watch!!" I shout running over. "No Hazza. You can't." Louis sarcastically says. "Your so mean to me BooBear." I fake cry. "Harry you know I love you!" Louis plays along. "No you DON'T" I shout. "Hazza I want to love you!" He gets up from the couch and leaves Katie giggling. He runs over to me and gives me a hug. "Your beautiful." I jokingly caress his face with my hand. Then we fake makeout. Katie is cracking up and the other three come in and laugh. 


-Briella's P.O.V-

I hear everyone laughing while I'm in my futon, sulking. I want to get up, and do something but the pain I feel is making me paralyzed. It broke my heart, and every year I felt more and more sad, because it meant he was gone even longer. I check my Twitter, and I have a mention from Harry. "@Harry_Styles: Please stop sending hate to @BriMiller. She is a wonderful person and doesn't deserve any hate. And If you are a true fan you should be happy for me. xx" This put a smile on my face. "@Harry_Styles: You don't need to stick up for me babe. It's okay. I love you anyway! xoxox" I tweet. I finally get up, only sending me down to my bum. I try again, and walk up the wooden stairs. I walk past the kitchen into the living room to see everyone watching a movie. "What cha watching." I say. "She's ALIVE." Zayn says. I smile. "Love Actually. How are you feeling?" Liam says. "I'm fine. I never saw this movie." I curiously walk towards the t.v "Where have you been?" Zayn scolds me. "Sorry.." I say. I sit on Harry's lap and watch the movie. "How many minutes in..?"

"About 30." Niall says. "Mmk." 


After the movie we all went to bed. Harry went to bed with me, and I put my head on his chest. He kissed my head. I eventually fell asleep as he played with my hair. After 1 hour of sleeping, I wake up, and see a foggy gray-ish figure, standing infront of my futon. It was hard to explain what it looked like, but it was clearish.. and just, creepy. "I'm sorr.." the figure said lowly and crackly. I move Harry's hand gently, and sit up. "What are you?" I whisper. "Av.." the figure whispered. I couldn't hear the last part, so I ask again. "Who are you?" I say slightly louder. "Avery.." My heart stopped. My brother came to visit. My wonderful brother. I jump off the futon and stand infront of it. Mesmerized. "Your Avery Miller..?" I barely break out. "Ye.." The figure says. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. "I'm sorry..  I love you." I feel stupid talking to this. If Harry woke up, he'd think I'm going insane. The figures face becomes clearer, I see it's foggy hand reach up to my cheek. A smile growing on it's face. The figure disappears, and I black out, I fall onto the ground. The last thing I see is Harry hovering over me with worried eyes.



Author: Thank you guys for reading! :) I hope you like this story, and where it's going because I personally do. Kik me at: Harrys_Pussy69. Ignore the weirdness in that.. Right so, I'm going to be making a sequel soon, and that will be that last story about this. Give me idea's for the name of the story! :3 Lots of Love! xox <3 Stay beautiful! ~Elise.  Follow me on twitterr. @Harrys_Curls69. K now I'm leaving. :) Byee!! xx



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