I'm Sorry, Do I Know You?

I'm back! Did you miss me? Basically, this isn't fan fiction (shocker!) this time but it's more of just something I wrote. I hope you like it. (:


3. Chapter 3


“Jake...” I mumbled, wiping my face. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t be any guiltier, it’s all my fault. You don’t even know what’s happening.”

A nurse walked in, a clipboard pressed to her chest. She looked at me, startled.

“Oh, I didn’t know he had visitors...” She said. I smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave if that’s what you want...” I stood up but she stopped me.

“It’s okay. Stay here.” She looked down at Jake. “You know, the damage caused by the car wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. We’re expecting him to wake up in a couple of weeks, two months tops.”

“Serious?” she nodded. “That’s brilliant. I can’t wait. I miss him.”

“He might have a hard time remembering certain things. But in a couple of days, and with patience, he’ll soon recollect it.” She smiled at me. “Are you his girlfriend?”

“No, just his best friend. Since we were little kids.”

“Then he’ll remember you for sure. It’s more the insignificant details. If you’ve been in his life for so long, he’s probably going to remember you.”

She smiled once again, leaned over to read something on the monitor, scribbled it down on her clipboard and left hastily.

“Jake, did you hear that? You’re going to be fine. It’s okay. It’s all going to be okay. I love you, Jake.”


Over the next couple of weeks I visited him every single day, telling my boss I had family problems. It was fine, Jake was practically family. I even brought Sarah along with me every couple of days, which she was happy to do. She was friends with Jake too, only not as close.

“Jake?” I knocked on the door as usual. Today I was alone. I was still in my work clothes. I was tired; I was working as much as possible to make up for the time lost at the hospital. I sat next to Jacob quietly and held his hand like usual.

“Jake? It’s me, Rachel.” I sighed. “Jake, I miss you so much. Please wake up soon. There’s so much I have to tell you. There’s so much I need to apologise for.”

I squeezed his hand gently. After a couple of minutes, I decided that it was best if I left. Today wasn’t a good day for me, and seeing Jake so vulnerable like this wasn’t helping. Just as I was leaving, the monitor that was connected to Jacob began to beep like crazy. I looked over; the green jagged lines were racing up and down quicker than usual. I gasped, and called out for a nurse. A couple came running at once, along with a doctor. I was pushed up out of the way against the wall, and I sank into a chair shakily. Was he dying? Was he going to make it?

Time slowed down as the nurses plugged and unplugged various wires, the doctor yelled random phrases that I couldn’t decipher, I was too lost in thought to notice. Jacob’s still face stayed the same. He stayed the same as usual; but nothing was normal.

What felt like hours were actually minutes and soon, Jake was awake for the first time in weeks. He blinked, his eyes unadjusted to the fluorescent lighting. He looked over at the doctor.

“Where am I?” he asked softly.

“You’re in hospital, Jacob. You were hit by a car and you were in a coma for a couple of weeks.” The doctor explained gently. I covered my mouth to stop from shouting out.

“I got hit... by a car?” He paused for a second. “That would explain why my head hurts so much.” He smiled weakly.

“You’re going to have a hard time remembering things so if you need to ask, ask us anything. Rachel has been to see you. She’s come here every day since you got hit. She can help you try to remember.” I stood up awkwardly as Jake focused his stare on me.

“Are you a nurse here?” He asked politely. What? Was he kidding?

“No, I’m your friend, Jake.”

“Right.” He paused for a minute, confused. “Are you my girlfriend?”

“Of course not, Jake. I’m your best friend. Rachel Adams. You know. Since before we started school.”

“N-no...” He started to get nervous. “Oh no. Don’t tell me I’ve forgotten my best friend.”

Tears started to form in my eyes. “I think you have.”

I walked towards him and he leaned over to grab my hand. “I’m sorry. I really am, Rachel. It’s just... I don’t know you. I can’t remember you. I’m sorry.”

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