I'm Sorry, Do I Know You?

I'm back! Did you miss me? Basically, this isn't fan fiction (shocker!) this time but it's more of just something I wrote. I hope you like it. (:


1. Chapter 1


“I’ll be back in a couple hours, okay? I just need to see him. I won’t be long, I promise.” I ran my fingers through my hands.

“Okay!” I heard my sister yell back. Trust her to not get up for anything. I shook my head before reaching over for my bag. Stuffing my keys, phone and purse into it, I was out the door in no time at all. I jumped into my car, started the engine, and headed off into the traffic on my way to the hospital.

He was my best friend. I should have been there for him. I wasn’t. And now he’s cooped up in a hospital, unconscious, hardly alive. My fault. It was my fault entirely.

The traffic wasn’t bad and I was at the hospital in fifteen minutes. I signed in and headed in the direction of the ward he was in. North 16. My damn shoes were clicking loudly against the laminated floors and people, patients and visiting family members alike, looked up at me. I could feel my face growing hot so I looked at my feet and covered my face with my hair.

I knocked on the door. His door. No response, obviously, but I peered round the corner before entering. He was there, of course, but he looked much different to how I last saw him. He was dressed in a hospital gown and was propped up in bed, tucked into the covers. He had various tubes and wires hanging from his body, one hooked up to a large grey machine that beeped to tell the doctors that he was still breathing. Still alive. Though it didn’t seem like it.

“Oh, Jake. I’m so sorry.” I whispered, dropping my bag on a table and sitting in a chair next to his bed. I held his hand gingerly, for there were wires hanging from him. He was so pale, ghostly pale.

“Jake, this is my entire fault. If I hadn’t been around then you wouldn’t have had to take me out to dinner that night. You wouldn’t have had to pity me because I had nowhere to stay. It’s all my fault. My entire stupid fault.”

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