Leave me alone

Georgina is a typical 15 year old girl going through a life where no one understands her... She looks for ways to control herself but she feels everything is her fault. She starts self-harming trying to find something worth living for.


1. 'Good' news

Thursday 17th Febuary.
It's raining again, Ireland is so dull. Why couldn't mum have married an American and moved over there with him? It's obvious that she can't pull any decent blokes, dad was a one off then. When I was 4 dad died of a brain tumour. Ever since dad died mum had moved around a lot with me as soon as one of her blokes ended it we would move away. It was hard remembering their names so I never addressed them personally, I would simply say, "OI!" to get their attention. Mum had lost the knack of choosing men, they either started abusing us or kicked us out after a couple of weeks. Mum had started homeschooling me because the faff with moving schools was too difficult.
"Georgina?!" Mum called from downstairs, "Yes?" I replied. No answer. "YEAH!?". Complete silence. I got off my small single bed and stomped down the stairs in my black converse.
EWWWW! She was snogging her bloke! "Jeez!" I squealed as I saw them. They broke off and mum turned to me, "Hi darling!" She smiled sweetly, glancing towards her bloke every few seconds. "What now?" I groaned, there was obviously something going on that wouldn't please me, I could tell by how slowly she was trying to break it to me. "Geoff and I are really happy together.... And he has been wonderful with you... And well we're getting married and we want you to be head bridesmaid!" She giggled happily like a child who had been given sweets.
"No! No way!!! You think your happy? Anyone could be happy if they worked on a relationship so hard like you do for three weeks! But he's not the one! He'll never replace dad! Do you understand that? Dad was the one, we'll never get him back! Stop trying to replace him!" I screamed at her as tears flooded from my eyes, rolling down my face.
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