She doesn't remember...

Elizabeth Dallson is a typical teenage girl, she has seventeen years old and she has the perfect life, but until an accident make her forget all this. Since recovering from the accident, gets high and goes to her uncle's house in London. She changes her school, with this whole concept of happiness changes ... But is it what will change?


3. When he kiss me

Liam ran away, he was really shy about what happened with us. I held his hand and he looked at my face, he was a little scary when saw me. "Sorry." he said sad. "I can't understand what happened in that time."

I smiled for him, I was happy about what he tryed to do. "I'm not angry with you Liam." I said. "You don't need say sorry for me." He smiled and put his hands on my face, pulling me for himself. When my lips were in his lips, I felt something really good, like... love.

Liam held me into his arms, making me felt happy. His lips had a delicious flavor of strawberry or cherry. Bubble gum. He pushed me a little fast and smiled for me. "What the hell was this?" He asked laughting. "A kiss, just a kiss." I answer. He returned to kiss me.

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