She doesn't remember...

Elizabeth Dallson is a typical teenage girl, she has seventeen years old and she has the perfect life, but until an accident make her forget all this. Since recovering from the accident, gets high and goes to her uncle's house in London. She changes her school, with this whole concept of happiness changes ... But is it what will change?


1. So fast

I was in the back seat of my mother's car, Caroline, my little sister, she had five years old and we were going for her favorite place in Florida, Disney. She was smiling for me, that little face showing all the happiness when a kid go for her favorite place. I never think, in all my life, I could lose everything in seconds. I was pissing her off, just for kidding, nothing wrong with that, she started to scream loudly and piss me off too. We were laughing, them we stopped with that stupid joke. Her long straight dark hair flew up when she opened the window. I leaned over the seat and took my headphones off the small pouch. Put them in my ears, feeling the bass sounds of the song and began to beat out the accent of my mother. After this, my mother argued with me and a big truck hit us. I saw my perfect world, the family very together, the best friends a girl need, a good boyfriend, a rich future in Miami... everything desappeared!

" Hi!" Someone said in my ear. " You are right?"

" I don't think so." I tell for the poiceman. " i'm feeling so close and... Where am I?"

" Just keep breathing!"

I started to close my eyes, feel my mind closing in seconds.


" Elizabeth?" A woman said next to me and I woke up. " You are Ok?"

" Who are you?" I asked her. 

" I'm your aunt, Susan, your mother's sister."

" I'm feeling dizzy."

She got my hand and touch in my face, all the things were estrangers for me, her eyes, the room, the way she looked for me. 

" You will go with me!" She said.

" For where?" I asked looking for that dark eyes.

" London."

I looked for her face, isn't sn idiot kidding, was true what she said. 

" I don't know who are you to say I will go for another place!" I answer angry. " Did you know  if I want it too, Susan?"

" Please, Elizabeth, it will be good for us!" She said crying over my neeks. " Was so bad lose my lovely Edward, my little son, and now, just have you, your mother, your sister and your father, they died! I need to be strong for you, and I can imagine this if I run away from you! Elizabeth, can you go with me?"

'' Y-yes, but I..." I said crying too. " I'm feeling so lost, I don't know Susan."

One moth

I was with nothing, my family died, my friends were in Florida... Just me, Susan and Harry. I look at my new bedroom, it was expensive and beautiful. Looking in this side, it was perfect. I put my bag on the bed and got out of my house in London. When I looked for a restaurant, a boy got out of it. His beautiful eyes were dark, the short and little curly brown or blond hair was very pretty in he. 

I started to follow he...

to be continued...

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