She doesn't remember...

Elizabeth Dallson is a typical teenage girl, she has seventeen years old and she has the perfect life, but until an accident make her forget all this. Since recovering from the accident, gets high and goes to her uncle's house in London. She changes her school, with this whole concept of happiness changes ... But is it what will change?


2. A days with a new friend

I started to follow he, that boy was going for my house. Oh right, i said for myself, maybe is the neighbor, a boy who lives in the next door. I walked in his direction.

" God, you are so handsome!" I said loudly. " I want... I'm Elizabeth Dallson and you...?"

" Liam Payne". He said making a smile very cute. " Nice to meet you.". " You have a lovely British accent." I said smiling for he." Thanks." He began to smell next to my neck. " You have a delicious smell of blackberry or strawberry.''

I looked at his face, maybe I was red, literally. I was feeling my cheeks really blushing. " Why are you so shy? We are neighbor!". I looked for him another time, he was smelling like a cherry. " I never see you in all my life!" I said blushing again. " Oh my God, I'm freezing!" I said, breathing hard. Liam took off his scarf black and involved me with it. " Now, you aren't frezzing." He said with a large smile.

" Hi, Elizabeth! I didn't think you went home so early." Susan said opening the door. " Is he your boyfriend?" Again, I was blushing. " Susan!" I said a little angry." He's my friend, Liam!" She looked at him and looked at me. " You are very handsome, Liam!" When she said it, I thought "My God, this is not happening!" My aunt took the hand of Liam and made he got on my house.

" OH MY GOD!" I thought again. " Elizabeth, go with Liam for your bedroom."

I took Liam's hand and we walked for my bedroom. It was a little organized, my clothes in my cabinet and some books on my bed. " Maybe he will think I'm very intelligent." I thought. Liam sat on my bed and took on one book, was the 'Romeo and Juliet'. He looked one more time. " I like this book of theater, take this, let's read." He said gave me up the book. "Let' go"

" If my hand profane the shrine in remission accepted the penance my lip, solitary pilgrim, demonstrate, with spare, reverence." He said smiling.

"Hurt your hand, good pilgrim, which was a devout and reverent. In the hands of the saints takes the paladin. This is the most holy kiss and convenient." I said smiling too.

"The saints and devotees have no mouth?" He asked looking with the dark eyes.

"Yes, pilgrim, only for prayers." I said looking down, for my sneakers.

 "Let, then, O holy! show that this mouth the right way to their hearts." He said, taking my hand.

 "Without moving, the holy gives to you the vote." I tell for he, increasingly close to his lips.

 "So quiet is: this is the devotee. In your mouth clean of my sins." He said and I felt your breath next to mine, he put his hot hands in my face and, when us lips were very next, Susan hit the door and said for we ate something. I jumped scary and Liam standed up, he close the door and go away.

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