Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


16. Day 4 - part 5


I was following Ashleigh as I didn’t know where we were going. We ended up searching my house.  


“What are we doing here? We have searched here before, and this is where we found the fake one. There is no way the real one will be here!” I confronted Ashleigh


  “who is the one with a spirit talking to them in their head may I remind you?” She sarcastically asked.


  I screwed up my face trying to think of a reason to not listen to her but I couldn’t. I hate following other people’s ideas because I always feel mine are better and no one else’s can be as good as mine. After today, I have been proved wrong. We searched everywhere in my house until there was nowhere left to search. We flipped one of the couch back over and sat on it together.


“I…I don’t understand…” Ashleigh whispered feeling confused.  


“I’m sorry your granny told you the wro-” I attempted to comfort her until I was interrupted by her breaking my living room window.  


“ASHLEIGH! don’t do that, ive got to live here! That will cost tones to fix now!” I held her back from breaking another window.  


“there is no one to stop us, remember?” Her eyes were wide, the power to do anything was getting to her.


  She jumped from room to room breaking every window there was with me at her tail trying to stop her.


  “Ashleigh! Ashleigh! Please stop it!” I shouted before her breaking all my windows paid of.   


We found another glass shard lying on the floor mixed in with all the other broken pieces of glass. We picked it up and phoned Ross to tell us to meet us at the hospital.   


“We found another shard and its getting late we need to find the last one and soon! There is only an hour left” I panicked when we met up with them.  


“Well…it’s a god job we found the last one!” Christopher proudly announced pulling the glass shard from behind his back.   


We picked up Morgan and put her in the back of the car and put the two glass shards in the box too. We drove until we reached the high school.  


“Christopher why are we at the high school?” Ashleigh asked.  


“we started ere so we will finish here. You see them three pillars standing outside the school? The jagged holes is where we put the glass shards, it all makes sense!” Christopher jumped out the car and picked up the box of shards.  


We nodded and agreed, not wanting to argue as there was not enough time left until midnight. Me, Ashleigh and Christopher picked up a glass shard and tried to fit it into the spaces on the pillars while Ross kept track of the time.  


“Guys! There is only 30 seconds left before midnight! You need to hurry up!” Ross panicked.  


“we will never make it in time!” Ashleigh shouted hyperventilating.          

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