Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


15. Day 4 - part 4


At the hospital Christopher and Ross carried me and Ashleigh inside the hospital and onto some beds to rest.   


“who has had experience with a needle before?” Ross asked with no one replying.  


“I could give it a go!” Christopher jumped to the opportunity of using a needle.  


“erm…I think I should do it Christopher” Morgan picked the needle up and put the thread through it.  


“I think I am the only sensible one here that would do a decent job of it!” She joked.  


I stared at her worrying because I know she has never touched a needle in her life!   


“Please don’t make a mess of it, I’ve got to live with this scar for the rest of my life remember!” I warned her as serious as I have ever been before.  


She took the needle to my mouth jabbing it through sending a rush of pain all over my body.  


“Ahh!” I screamed punching her face in rage.  


She fell to the ground now unconscious. We stared at her as blood trickled down her cheek from her nose. She didn’t move or moan, she just lay on the ground knocked out.


  “well done Emma!” Christopher shouted at me.


  “Its not my fault! She shouldn’t have put it in my face so harshly! AND its not my fault I have bad reactions when I get hurt! In fact, it’s a good thing to have reactions like that in case someone tries to attack me!” I proudly shouted back.


  “mmm…what happened? Why are we in the hospital?” Ashleigh mumbled as she sat up in her bed.  


“well Emma cut her mouth on the glass shard and now she’s just knocked out Morgan!” Ross punched me on the arm as if to tell me of.   I stuck my tongue out at him and whimpered as it hurt. We all stared at Morgan lying on the floor. 


  “right Emma you take her legs and I will take her arms!” Christopher ordered me.  


“Excuse me, I am the one with a needle sticking out of my mouth! Make Ross do it” I complained.


  Ross pulled a face at me and they both picked up Morgan and put her on the bed next to me. Ross picked up a paper towel, wet it under the tap in the room and wiped her face which was now covered in blood.  


“who is going to stitch me up now then?” I happily asked  


“I’m not going anywhere near you, no way am I risking getting knocked out like her!” Christopher moaned pointing at Morgan.  


“fine! I will do it myself! Get my a mirror!” I rolled my eyes and put my hand out to my side waiting for someone to hand me a mirror.  


“stop ordering us around, were not your dogs!” Christopher moaned at me.  


I got myself into an argument with Ross and Christopher which was getting us nowhere. Ashleigh was more awake now after resting for a bit. She jumped of the bed, picked up the tape and silotaped Christopher and Ross’s mouths shut so they wouldn’t talk. She then silotaped my hands and feet together so I wouldn’t kick or punch and she carried on Morgan’s failed attempt at stitching me up. No one complained because she was sorting us all out without any trouble.


  “Finished!” She smiled as she untied my hands and feet then ripped the silotape of Ross and Christopher’s mouths.


  “Argh!” they both screamed as she ripped them of without a care.  


Right guys! We will leave Morgan here and we will go find the other glass shards ourselves, ok?” Ashleigh ordered us for the first time.   “When…When did you get confidence?” I shyly asked not wanting to upset her.


  “since I got knocked out…I realise now I’ve got to stop letting people push me around, well, I’ve got to stop letting my granny and DD push me around” She replied walking out of the hospital with us hanging at her trail.   


“Christopher and Ross you go and search the streets. Emma, you come with me. GO GO GO!” she shouted and everyone ran.  

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