Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


12. Day 4 - part 1


I awoke for the first time before everyone else. I walked into the kitchen and made myself some breakfast while one by one everyone else woke up too. We all chatted and ate our breakfast then got our clothes on, ready to face our last day alone on the planet and to get the last glass shard.  


We took a walk down the street and served ourselves some ice cream from a small corner shop then sat in the middle of the road eating it, trying to figure out at the same time about where the last glass shard is.  


“I don’t understand how you managed to find the first glass shard but somehow you seem to know everything! Where is the next one?” I asked Christopher, everyone turned to listen.  


“I don’t know how I knew it was there, I just had an urge to go there and check it out. Don’t ask me how I managed to think of it and how I managed to find the message under the carpet, because I have no idea! I am just assuming it was a gut instinct!” He proudly told us all.  


“DD…” Ashleigh muttered under her breath “DD!”  


We all looked at each other, confused why she was saying DD’s name.  


“There not it! They are not real!” She jumped to her feet panicking and grabbing her hair near enough ripping it out.


  “What isn’t real, Ashleigh tell us!” I jumped up held her still and asked her eye to eye.  


“my granny told me they are fake! DD is setting us up! He planted the fake shards of glass there and told Christopher that’s where to find the first one, but he didn’t realise he was getting told this! We have gathered up the wrong ones and have wasted our time! We only have 13 hours until midnight and then we wont be able to let the spirits rest in peace and our people wont come back and and and…” Ashleigh took a panic attack while trying to tell us the truth.


  Ashleigh fainted, leaving Ross on the ground having to catch her. We rested her in the shade, waiting for her to wake up.


“Ashleigh Ashleigh! Wake up! We need your help!” Morgan shook her trying to wake her.


“Morgan, we cant be wasting time to wake her up when we could be searching! We will just leave her my mobile and when she wakes up she can call us and quickly catch up with us, yeah?” I felt great organising something for once, and watching Morgan nod her head made me feel better.  


We all raced down the street to see if there was any chance of finding it there. We searched in shops, under carpets, smashed a few more windows to see if we could find anything. We still couldn’t find anything. At midday the bell chimed and everyone looked at the clock.  


“We have wasted an hour! How are we supposed to know where they are if we have no clues?!” Ross shouted to us in desperation to us, as we were all scattered across the street.


  “Wait! Ross! Look!” I shouted, pointing at the clock.


Everyone in our town hates the clock because it was so badly made, it was made out of reflectable material and was pointed directly towards the sun so whenever you look at it you get blinded. The sun was reflecting of it just like it does every day, but I looked past the reflection and onto the clock, it hurt my eyes but it’s the way I usually look at the clock. On the clock there are twelve diamonds on them, but today one was different. One was a dark shiny blue. 


“Hey everyone, I  found it! I found it!” I shouted to them running towards the clock.  


“Emma! Stop it! You will fall!” Ross shouted at me.  


I didn’t care, there was no time to hang around and do things safely. I ran through the flowers surrounding the clock and climbed. I climbed and climbed until I got half way up and done the most ridiculous thing I could ever do. I looked down.    

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