Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


11. Day 3 - part 4


We stared at the ripped carpet and the message written underneath. Black paint covered the old wooden floorboards underneath, which read:  


‘If you don’t find the shards by midnight tomorrow night, your days will be spent alone.  P.S - how’s your friend handling all of this? DD.’   We all turned to face Ashleigh who was crying even more now  


“Make it stop…please…make it stop!” We all hugged her comforting her before we all searched Woody’s. 


  After hours of searching, we started to give up. It was getting dark and we were tired. Morgan and Ashleigh were the only one’s still searching within the shop, while me, Ross and Christopher put our feet up.   


“How do you know the glass shard is here?” Ross asked Christopher.  


“Gut feeling guys, always follow it…and because I was peckish for more sweeties!” We all laughed at Christopher’s serious but joking reply.  


“Guys…look!” Morgan called everyone over to look at the remainder glass that Ross broke before. 


  Morgan gathered us around the massive pile of scattered glass Ross left behind when he smashed the shop open. The glass was scattered on the ground but when we looked closely one stood out over the rest. There was one that was a deep blue colour and was bigger than the rest. We picked it up and put it in one of the storage boxes we found at the back of the shop.   


The day was nearly done so we decided to go back to my house to get some rest and to get a shower taking the shard of glass with us. After everyone had a shower we sat in our usual space on my living room floor and couches. We sat watching the film we didn’t fully watch last night.  


“I’m hungry, who wants food?” I stood up from my warm covers to get some popcorn and chocolate.  


“Aww yeahh!” everyone agreed thinking it was a great idea to get some food.  


I turned on the lights and opened a packet of popcorn. I opened the crisps and put them in a large bowl.  I threw the crisp packets and popcorn packet in the bin, when I noticed something in the bin. It was another large, dark blue glass shard. I quickly lifted it out of the bin and showed it to the others.   


“Guys! Look what was in the bin! Another glass shard! … I think it was from when Morgan smashed the bowl!” I laughed at the thought of Morgan dropping the bowl.  


I put it in the box with the other glass shard and brought the popcorn and crisps into the living room to finish watching the film. We slowly drifted of to sleep happily knowing that we had found two out of the three glass shards.  

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