Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


10. Day 3 - part 3


We sprinted trying to catch up with him until we reached the main street. It was still in a mess with paints everywhere. We all sat down to catch our breaths apart from Christopher who was inside Woody’s searching frantically. After a minute the sun got too hot for us so we went inside to join Christopher. We all grabbed a bottle of chilled coke and a bag of crisps which we never took when we first broke in.  


“it feels so weird us running around the place still in our pyjamas!” I laughed looking down at my pyjamas and fluffy socks.  


“its all in the fun Emma! The best thing is that no one can complain or say anything about it!” Ross laughed back.  


“IM SORRY! OK IM SORRY!” Ashleigh shouted holding her head, her eyes watering again.  


“Ashleigh, its ok, we know what were doing now…well, Christopher does!” Morgan reassured her.  


“No…no…NO! I’m speaking to my granny, she is disappointed in me, she doesn’t think im doing well! IM A FAILURE!” She shouted falling to the ground in tears.  


“Christopher heard Ashleigh crying and stopped searching.   Ashleigh, was your granny this mean to you when she was alive?” He asked worried  


“No, she was the sweetest most kindest granny in the world! She was always there for me and caring for me…I’ve failed her!” Ashleigh cried even more. Me and Morgan hugged and comforted her.  


“I don’t think that’s your granny, I think its DD” He rubbed his head worrying about her.  


We all looked at Christopher, knowing there was things he has not told us.  


“Seriously! You got to tell us everything! We cant do this as a team if you don’t tell us everything!” Ross shouted at him, pushing him to the ground.   


Christopher stood up pointing to the ground. We were all surprised to see what he discovered. We were standing in the same room as him eating and drinking, not even noticing what he discovered. We don’t know how he managed to discover it, but he has.  

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