Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


9. Day 3 - part 2


We stood behind Ashleigh. We all stared at the school,  interested in the red paint spread across the wall. It read:  


retrieve the three shards of glass, return them to their rightful place, you now have 2 days left…including today, good luck troops’   


Christopher walked up and rubbed his hands along the red paint. He lifted his hand which was now all red.


  “Still wet…who could have done this if were the only one here?” He asked.


We sat down on the ground not sure what to do. We just stared at the wall. Christopher was still wandering around as if there another clue to find. We watched him as he investigated the wall.  


“Christopher sit down, there is nothing more to it! Your making me jumpy!” Morgan shouted over to him, rubbing her arms.  


He ignored her call and ran around the corner. We sat and relaxed on the ground, the heat making us relaxed and calm. Ashleigh was still sat upright on the bench fidgeting still stunned by the voices in her head. Christopher was gone for at least 15 minutes before he bounced around the corner to finally reply to Morgan’s order.  


“what were you saying Morgan?” He said with a proud smile on his face. “Come over here!”  


We all moaned standing up following him as he ran around the corner the school. After catching up with him, we all stared in surprise. There was a signature written in the same wet paint as on the wall around the corner. It read:  


The S. P.S - they are closer than you think’  


“Who is that?” I asked, expecting Christopher to know more than us.


  “do you not get it? The S.? Ashleigh! Did you not say you heard voices in your head?” He bluntly asked, we all looked at her as she nodded her head in silence.


“They still are…” She stared at the ground like was in shock.  


“well, that’s The S. in your head speaking! they are trying to get to us, to help us! They want to rest in peace, like what you said before Ashleigh!” He jumped up and down, excited he figured it out.  


“still…who is The S.?” I asked still confused  


“THE SPIRITS! The spirits of Wick somehow havent been put to rest and every spirit who has left their body is relying on us to let them rest in peace!” He shouted as if it was the most obvious thing over everything else.


“I know who it is now! In my head! Its my Granny! She died last year! How could I not have remembered her voice, it’s the most recognisable voice ever!” Ashleigh shouted, her first emotion in half an hour.  


“We have to get moving then!” I shouted to make myself louder than Ashleigh and Christopher.  


 “but where to? We don’t know what they look like or where they are” Ross asked not too convinced at Christopher’s theory.  


“I know exactly where to go” Christopher proudly announced, taking charge.   He ran away from the school, leaving us standing dazed at what he was going to do.  


“COME ON!” He shouted, and we all followed running after him.  

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