Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


7. Day 2 - part 3


We went a walk towards D.R Simpsons to raid the shop.   


“Hey, where’s Christopher?” I asked, and we all looked around us not knowing where he was.   


It was now dark outside so we struggled to see, but we soon forgot about it.   


“ARGH!” Ashleigh shouted, as she took a high heel shoe to the window.   


We laughed, jumping in through it and took all the fizzy juice and sweets we could carry. I took a wander round, looking to see what I could take. I looked at the glass ornaments, wondering which one I should take.   


“BOO!” One of my friends had dressed up in a winnie the pooh outfit, making me scream and fall into all the ornaments.  


 The two rows of shelves knocked over, smashing every breakable ornament on the shelf. I screamed so loud everyone came through to see what I was screaming about. They started laughing at me, while I quietly laughed nervously with them, still in shock. I ripped of the winnie the pooh mask and underneath was Christopher. They carried on laughing at me until they all calmed down.     


I stared at the broken pieces of glass scattered across the ground. All broken. I was disappointed, searching in hope that one of them never broke. Eventually giving up after everyone started to leave the shop after getting bored, I found an unscratched clear glass dragon lying on top of the broken ornaments and glass. I picked it up as carefully as possible trying not to scratch it. It was beautiful. There was so much detail in it, I found it so amazing I just had to take it home with me.  


It was getting dark, and everyone was getting tired. We decided to sleep somewhere else tonight, we went to Argos and raided their camping gear, then we drove to the fields just outside of Wick and set up camp. We made a fire and cooked some marshmallows while telling ghost stories. We sat in our sleeping bags tucked around the fire until one by one everyone went to their tents to drift of to sleep.

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