Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


5. Day 2 - part 1


I awoke to the clattering and sound of smashing bowls in the kitchen. I slowly got to my feet being the last one woken, I sorted my hair and yawned as I stepped into the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was the pieces of glass covering the floor and Morgan holding half a bowl in her hand with a surprised look on her. We all looked at her wondering what she was going to do.  


“well everyone, I think we can all agree there was nothing we could do to prevent that happening and it was no one‘s fault” She said in a calm voice, then we all burst out laughing at her mistake.  


The table was still half covered in junk food, so Ross, Morgan, and Ashleigh sat on the chairs surrounding the table holding their bowl of cereal in their hands, while Ross sat on the worktop next to Christopher. I sat on the other side of the worktop, leaning against the wall with my toast, my feet next to Christopher.   


We sat talking about the people who had vanished. I was having a chat with Christopher and Ross until we were all finished our toast and cereal. We went back into the living room and turned on the TV. We stared at the big blue letters in the middle of the screen, which read ‘No Signal’.   


“NO!“ Ashleigh shouted, throwing her hands on her head. “What has happened to my tele?!"  


I narrowed my eyes and stared at her.  


“sorry, YOUR tele…” She whispered to me.  


“that’s better.” I nodded.  


Morgan stood up, twisting the wire at the back of the TV. Still no signal. She sighed.   


“No hope of getting a signal out of THIS!” she kicked the screen and screamed running out the door.   


We stared at the door waiting for her to come back. A couple of seconds later, she returned.  


“I’m still in my pyjamas…” She whispered with her head facing the ground.

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