Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


4. Day 1 - part 4


We took a walk to Tesco eating everything that you didn’t need to prepare and turning the music really high so it echoed the whole shop. Everyone was singing and eating, until the next minute, the isles started knocking down like dominos. We ran to the back of the shop where it was safe until the noise stopped. We peeked our heads out laying our eyes on the isles lying on the ground. All we could do was stand in silence as we were too shocked about what just happened.   Ashleigh came riding in on a motorbike making black skid marks all over the shop and a high pitched squeaky noise. She jumped off her bike letting it carry on going and landed into the display of pillows, took her helmet off and gave a cheeky smile.   


“rebellious enough for you now guys?” Ashleigh shouted this over the noise of the music.    


Never would we have thought Ashleigh would do something like this. We started to laugh with relief that we never got hurt. After we trashed what was left of the shop we grabbed a film, some popcorn and hot chocolate packets to watch later on. Before we were going to watch our film we went up to the retail park to go to Homebase. We went in and Me and Christopher started painting the floors with the paints. Then we threw all the paints on the floor and started sliding along the ground, leaving a multicoloured path up the middle of Homebase.  


While we were playing with the paints, Ashleigh, Morgan and Ross were upstairs throwing the bathtubs over the balcony making an echoing smash which pierced the air every time one smashed on the ground. They high fived each other, laughed and then threw another one. When everyone got bored we decided to move all the shelves from the bottom floor to one side with the fork lift. Ashleigh ran to Lidl and picked up all the fairy liquid she could hold and brought it back. We grabbed a few bottles each and squeezed all the fairy liquid out onto the floor, the paint made it all colourful so the floor looked cool by the time we were done. We took mattresses from the beds upstairs and leaned them up against all the walls, to stop us getting hurt. We all took a shopping trolley each and raced each other from one end of home base to the other.  


“Hey everyone, watch this” Ashleigh shouted, with a sledge under her arm, she threw it on the ground, took a run up and jumped onto it.


We all laughed as she ended up in a heap at the other end of the shop. We copied her idea, grabbed a sledge and got sliding.  


At midnight we were all tired so decided to leave. We all ran to each others houses to pick up their pyjamas and came back to my house. When we got home, Ross smashed my neighbours door window to unlock the door. We all lay down relaxing on their white, knitted couches while each of us took a shower and put on our pyjamas.  


Morgan walked into the living room, and we burst out laughing. Her face went red as we laughed at her in her neon pink and white flowery trousers, neon orange dressing gown, and her neon green slip on slippers. We laughed, as she uncomfortably sat on the floor at the fire.   


“Morgan, what are you wearing?“ Ashleigh said in an uncontrollable laughing voice.   


“Well…this is my normal night clothes” After we finished mocking Morgan and we all had a  shower, we went in my house.   


We all went around my house picking up all the quilts and covers then throwing them onto the couches and floor in the living room. The place looked like the inside if a marshmallow. We all huddled up into the covers getting comfy facing the TV, then we opened up the popcorn and started to watch the film. Throughout the film one by one everyone started to drift of to sleep.

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