Abandoned with a Countdown

The chosen people of Wick have been abandoned on Earth having one little task, collecting the three glass shards. Will they be able to collect them in time letting the spirits of Wick finally be able to rest in peace?


3. Day 1 - part 3


We took a walk around town, staring at all the cars that were neatly parked and shops that were shut. Morgan nudged Ross, smiled then winked at him running up to Woody’s window with Ross at her trail. We stopped walking and stared as Ross picked up the empty black bin sitting outside and screamed like an Indian as he took a run up to throw it at the window. As soon as he threw it, the window shattered into lots of little pieces.  


“Morgan! Ross! What are you doing! You will get put to jail for doing that!” Erin screamed horrified.  


“and who’s going to stop us?” Morgan yelled with a smug look on her face.   


We all looked at each other then shrugged, running up to the shop to join them. Ashleigh shook her head in disappointment.  


“Out of all shops NOW, why would you want to steel from THIS shop?” Ashleigh sat in the middle of the road waiting for us to finish stealing sweeties.  


We lifted the bottom half of our jumpers to make a basket taking every last sweetie we could fit into our jumpers and pockets. Once we had finished, we walked to my house to drop it all off. We chucked all our sweeties onto my kitchen table, everything piling up higher and higher until we could fit no more and had to pile some around the worktops. We jumped on the worktops and sat on the chairs, eating away at the mountain of sugary sweeties.  


After we started feeling sick of eating, we went out to look for something better to do. We walked until we reached the fire station until Christopher and Ashleigh could not walk any more. They were really pale, so we decided to sit on the ground until they felt better. They lay on the ground with their eyes closed coughing every now and then from the sickness. I looked around me, only to notice Morgan and Ross were not around. I rolled my eyes, not bothering with them and letting them do whatever they wanted.  


A couple of minutes later, the fire doors opened and there were two massive red fire trucks parked in front of us. We all sat up to stare at Ross in one truck and Morgan in the other. They both had an evil grin on their faces.   


Me, Ashleigh and Christopher laughed at them. They turned the key to start the engine. As soon as we heard the engine we jumped out of the way before we got hit. Ross and Morgan started racing around corners until they vanished and we could not see them any more. We started walking more then stopped on the bridge to look at the glistening water reflecting the scorching sun.  


We all screamed, as one of the fire trucks plunged into the high level water, making a loud splash. The truck was lying on its side, whoever was inside not being able to get out. The other truck closely followed, but quickly put on the brakes before they landed in the water. We ran down the steps and ran over to the truck in the water. Christopher opened the door and leaned in, pulling out Morgan. She complained of hitting her head for the first few minutes, yet she was laughing hysterically afterwards. Ross jumped out of his truck, brushing himself of.  


“See Morgan, I told you I had better reflexes than you!” He laughed and smiled proudly.   Morgan rolled her eyes at him, shook her head still dazed then started stumbling away from us as if to say ‘lets go I’m fine’   


We left the fire trucks and started walking around town again. Christopher and Ross are slow walkers so me, Ashleigh and Morgan walked further in front of them.  


“come on Ashleigh, just do ONE thing to trash the place!” I begged in her face. She pushed my face away carrying on walking ignoring everything we said to her. 


  “Your such a bore! All of us have done something against the law and your still sitting twiddling your thumbs not wanting to get in touch with the devil on your shoulder!” Morgan stood beside me begging in her face too.  


“FINE, if you want to see a rebel I will give you a rebel!” she screaming at the top of her lungs and ran out of our sight.


I looked at Morgan and we both burst out laughing then stopped to wait for the boys. They caught up with us looking confused.  


“Where is she of in such a rush to?” Ross asked   Me and Morgan shrugged our shoulders wiping our tears from our eyes which were from laughing so much.  

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