More Than A Bestfriend

Kaylee Alaniz and Niall Horan have been best friends since first grade, they were inseperable. But Kaylee always desired more from her best mate. now shes cought up in a twist between her best mate and another 1D member..........


1. Took a chance

Kaylee's P.O.V

It's been six long months since I've seen my best friend. I'm happy for him and all, but it makes me regret the day that I encouraged him. I don't think I will ever forget that conversation that changed my life for the worse.



"Niall, you are an amazing singer! you deserve to be the winner of the x factor!"

"Kaylee, get real now! I may be good, but its not enough to win. I barely know anything about singing, I just know lyrics to songs!"

"How do you expect you dream to come true if you never take a chance!" I sort of yelled at him because he was so talented it was unbelievable! When ever i couldnt sleep i would call him so he could sing to me, his voice was one of an angel! I stormed out of the room not waiting for his response. I was so upset i was crying, i still have no exact reason on why i was upset other than seeing Niall sit in the shadows letting his life control him instead of taking control of his life. Niall came in and sat on my bed, pulled me onto his lap and whispered, "fine, i will take the chance....for you."

Back to normal:


Those last two words have been stuck in my mind since. Everything did turn out good.....for him. He got put into a group with four other boys, who were all good looking british lads. Harry came up with the name One Direction, it suited them well. I have been in a state of depression since Niall and the other lads got signed by Uncle simmon as they call him; which wasnt even supposed to happen because they came in third place not first! I only got to see him at the airport before he left to do the x factor tour. Thankfully, its over and all the lads are coming to stay at my house. I'm glad cause having a two story house all too your self isnt much fun, you always have this empty feeling. its only empty because my mum and little brother died in a car crash. I do have a dad, but i have a restraining order against him because he would always come home drunk and take his anger out on me but hurting and raping me; so i dont consider him much of a father figure. The only fatherly figure i have in my life is Niall's dad, Bobby, but i called him dad, it just felt right. My thoughts were interupted by the front door opening, i grabbed my bat that was in my room and quietly crept down stairs, when i saw.......


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