Hush Polly.

Who can she trust? Who should she side with? Or should she listen when they all tell her "Hush Polly."


6. Who was your friend?


“Hey Polly.” She giggled. Her wavy blonde hair bounced up and down as she walked. “Who was your friend?” She watched as he got into his car. “Trent, he’s new in town and wanted some advice on places to go and stuff like that.”

“He’s cute.” She put one hand u to her mouth and covered it in case he saw. I couldn’t stop the giggle that came from my chest. “You should go for it.” She glanced one more time as the car pulled away. “Well he asked me out to the Italian tomorrow at six.” She squealed clapping her hands. “I am going to come over and help you get ready.”

“You don’t have to-” She cut me off. “I do, you are my best friend and this is one of your first dates and with a really HOT guy.” I laughed why did she have to raise her voice for the word hot? Kenneth poked his head through the door. “Don’t get in trouble.” He pointed a knife through the door. “I won’t.”

“I mean it if he tries anything and I hear about it, I will tell your older brother.” There was a downfall for working for Kenneth; it was that he was my older brother’s friend. They were both twenty five and my brother, when it came to me no one would mess with him. I headed for the door. “Bye Amy.” She waved. “I mean it Polly.” He called. “Bye Kenneth.” I closed the door with the bell letting of a quiet ding. 

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