Hush Polly.

Who can she trust? Who should she side with? Or should she listen when they all tell her "Hush Polly."


4. Unusual.


A little ding turned my attention towards the door. A tall boy quite built up stood there. His sea blue eyes were magnificent. His light blonde hair looked natural like he had no gel or any products. He wore a pair of dark grey jeans and a plain orange shirt. I felt my heart skip a beat. He took a seat at table four, right next to the window. He picked up the menu looking through it.

I quickly finished cleaning the table and then went to take his order. “Hello my name is Polly I will be your waitress today can I get you anything or would you like a few more minutes?” He gave me a cheeky smile and I had to fight the urge not to laugh like a little love struck teen. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I would say, this came pretty close.

“Hey Polly, I’m Trent anything on the menu you would recommend?” He was so charming; hardly anyone asked me what I thought. “I think the pancakes are great here. Or the waffles they are pretty good.” I pointed out the items on the menu and he nodded. “I’ll have the pancakes then.” I scribbled it down. “What would you like with them?” I smiled, not that I could get rid of it if I tried. “Strawberries and chocolate sauce please.” He put the menu down and grinned at me.

“It won’t be too long.” I turned on my heel and called in his order. I watched him out of the corner of my eye; he just sat there looking out the window at passing cars. He was so different from all the other boys. I was instantly attracted to him. It was unusual; I have actually never had a boyfriend. Never really bothered about boys but he seemed mysterious and I wanted to learn more about him.

“So Polly.” He spoke turning to face me, I walked towards him. “Is there anything I could get you?” Had I done something wrong? “No I’m fine just wanting to chat.”

“Well I’m working right now.” I apologised. “When you get off then?” He leaned on his elbows. “Three.” He looked at his watch. “I can wait an hour.” He settled back into his chair a smug look on his face. I went to the kitchen got his pancakes and prayed the hour went in fast. 

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