Hush Polly.

Who can she trust? Who should she side with? Or should she listen when they all tell her "Hush Polly."


3. The Cafe.


I wiped down the wooden counters; I worked at The Cafe as a waitress. I sprayed the bottle of disinfectant and washed the counter. “Hey Polly.” A small plump man sat opposite me. His voice was quite low but every time I heard it I wanted to laugh. His hair stuck to his head as if he had been sweating from the walk to the cafe. “Hey Phil.” I put the bottle and cloth under the counter and pulled out my notepad and pen.

“The usual?” I raised an eyebrow. “Yes please.” He grinned; his teeth were yellow even though his breath smelt of minty toothpaste. “So a fried egg, bacon and beans. Pancakes with syrup and a diet coke.” I scribbled the order down; Phil came in every day I worked. Sure it was a bit weird but he leaves a decent tip. So I will put up with him plus he isn’t that bad a guy most of the time.

“Thanks Polly.” He flipped over his newspaper and began to read the top news column. I would bet anything that he wasn’t. That he was looking at page three. I called in his order and then went to refill the little glass salt and pepper shakers.  I noticed Phil glancing at my ass when I bent over to grab the shakers from the other side of the table. It made me feel sick inside. He looked like he was in his late forties early fifties. I took a deep breath and grabbed them as quick as possible and then rushed into the kitchen.

I let out a shaky breath and Kenneth laughed. “Phil again?” I nodded and he just shook his head. He was tall; I’m surprised he managed to get through the door.  He had three day stubble surrounding his chin. “The offer still stands, if you want him kicked out.” He raised his eyebrow. Kenneth is the owner of the small cafe and doesn’t like any of his waitresses being harassed. He is like a big brother always has your back.

“No it’s fine.” I smiled at him, spooning salt into a glass shaker. “Alright. Well his order is up.” I grabbed the plates and left through the door. I placed both in front of him, smile plastered on my face. “Thanks Polly.” I nodded and grabbed a can of diet coke and a glass. “Here you are.” I put it down and in the nicest possible voice asked. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“No this is absolutely splendid hon.” I gave a swift nod and left to clean some tables. 

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