My Apocalyptic Romance

My name is Tammy Sanderson. At the age of 16 I experienced a zombie apocalypse along side my brother.This is the story of how we nearly died.


5. Chapter 5


A searing pain brings me back to consciousness. I use the little strength in me to lift open my eyes. I am lying on a metal operating table with Emma and Jamie standing on either side. Russell is behind them holding Jeff, who is uncontrollably sobbing. I reach my hand out to Jeff but Jamie quickly slams it back on the table and holds it there.

"It's awake!", He shouts. Russell tries to drag Jeff out the room but Jeff keeps trying to get to me. He's screaming and shouting my name as he is carried out by Russell and Charlie. The door slams behind him and the lock clicks into place but I can still hear him crying behind the door. My own eyes dangerously close to spilling over. 

It must be terrible for him. His mother and father both dieing at the bullet of a gun and I will too. Then it hits me. Why are they still keeping me alive? Are they so mean as to let Jeff watch me suffer? I can't find an answer to these things, even when Emma sticks a long needle into me and I drift off to sleep.

I am in darkness. I can't see anything more than a few inches in front of me. Suddenly I hear someone scream. I run in that direction, but my legs slow me down. They feel extremely heavy. Then I see it. Jeff is squirming on the floor covered in his own blood. Zombies are all over him ripping chunks of his flesh off his body.I scream and try to stop them but something holds me back. I catch sight of Jeff's face, lifeless and pale. Then I hear laughing. I recognise it. The laugh comes from Jamie.

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