My Apocalyptic Romance

My name is Tammy Sanderson. At the age of 16 I experienced a zombie apocalypse along side my brother.This is the story of how we nearly died.


4. Chapter 4


Jamie pulls the trigger of his gun and takes out two zombies, they are quickly replaced with the others that spill out of the door. I push Jeff behind me just before one of them tries to bite him. 

"Use the gun!", I shout over the others screaming and Jamie ordering us to get away, to try and escape. At least 6 of them jump across to the roof of the other building. I shout at Jeff, to follow  them but he can't hear me over all the gun shots. Suddenly something knocks me to the ground. I wrestle the bloody zombie body off of me. 

Three more zombies move towards me. I draw the gun out of my belt and blast three bullets in their direction before I can blink. Two bullets go straight through the two zombies and the third bullet misses by an inch. The third zombie staggers towards me and topples my over before I have time to reload the gun. I try to push it off but it struggles and keeps biting the air just above my skin.

Its sinks its teeth into my left arm. I close my eyes knowing its too late, that within hours I will be a brainless being like the one that made me like that. I feel the zombie being thrown off of me. Strong arms wrap around me and lift me up. With my eyes still closed, I feel my self being shoved through doors and carried along corridors. The last thing I remember is feeling myself being dropped on the floor and Jeff stroking my hair.

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