My Apocalyptic Romance

My name is Tammy Sanderson. At the age of 16 I experienced a zombie apocalypse along side my brother.This is the story of how we nearly died.


3. Chapter 3


Jeff starts whimpering. Jamie turns around and covers his eyes with his bloody hands. The whole team are here on the roof top. All of us looking down on the streets that are completely full with zombies. Well, they always are but this is more than normal. They can hardly move, the streets are that full. But they still keep walking aimlessly around the street.I step back, horrified by the sight.

"I guess escape impossible, not even..."

"Don't Russell, this is not a laughing matter", interrupts Emma. She looks more scared than Jeff with tears welling up in her eyes. I hold my arms out to her. She collapses into them even though she has a phobia against hugging. 

"Don't worry we'll find a way out of here" I can feel her tears soaking through my top onto my shoulder. I hear her sobbing. I pull her back but its not her. Jeff has broke free from Jamie and is now looking down to the streets. He knows escape from this building is impossible. His sobs growing louder. Russell picks him up, trying to muffle his sobs. 

"Give him here Russell you know only I can stop him" I say walking over to them. I'm closer to the edge now and I can see the zombies again. I try not to look at them but something makes me. They've stopped moving and are now standing there. I ignore Jeff, Russel and everyone else. I am transfixed. Why are they not moving? 

One of them raises there head and looks at me on the roof top. Slowly all the others do as well untill all of them are stareing at me. Then they walk towards to doors of the building we are in and walk through them.

 "MOVE, FIND A HIDING PLACE!" I shout. My team members stare at me perplexed. I explain to them what just happened.

"Shit, why did you do that Tammy?" Jamie shoves me. 

"I didn't know that would happen, did I?" I say pushing him on the floor. Emma screams. 

"Sorry Emma, I didn't mean to....."

I don't continue my sentence as the stair doors creak open and spills out with zombies.

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