My Apocalyptic Romance

My name is Tammy Sanderson. At the age of 16 I experienced a zombie apocalypse along side my brother.This is the story of how we nearly died.


2. Chapter 2


Jeff gets up to go after him but I grab his wrist. "No Jeff, your too young", he tries to break free from my iron grip but I don't let go. He slumps down next to me, sulking. People are grabbing their guns and creeping out the door. Russell peers at Jeff "Stop sulking little guy, tell you what when the chance rises  me and Tammy will take you on a zombie killing spree but only if you smile and be good for your sister".

Jeff sits up and nods, a smile spreding across his face. "Thats better little man" Russell ruffles Jeffs hair and gives me a cheeky smile before joining the others outside. I grin as I hear gunshots and zombie bodies drop to the floor. They may be half dead but the make a giant thump when they fall. Also no human screams. Jeff is used to gunshots but he still gets a bit rattled with the screams of someone getting biten.

I pull Jeff towards me and wrap my arms around him. "Tammy, whats that at the door" SHIT!!! I let go of Jeff and grab a shotgun, I whip around just in time to see Jeff in the hands of a zombie. I pull the trigger and send 5 bullets through its undead brain, its blood splatters every where. I pull Jeff up and search him frantically for bite marks. "I'm fine Tammy", no marks only  bits of zombie brains, we were lucky this time. "Stay behind me, we're going outside"

Jeffs eyes light up "Can I have a gun then" "NO!" "But what if we get seperated?", I consider this then I pull a small black gun from my belt. "Only if we are seperated, I do the shooting you just try not to get bitten, got it?", his tiny fingers curve around the gun "I got it"

We leave the room just in time to see Russell run up some stairs t at the the end of the corridor. We run after him, smashing through the door at the top of them. My eyes fixed on Jeff, not bothering to look infront of me. He stops suddenly, his eyes wide. I turn to him "Jeff are you ok?" "Tammy, Jeff, go back"I hear Russell behind me. "Why?" I say as I turn around to face him. When I see it I can only say one thing.

"Oh shit"

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