My Apocalyptic Romance

My name is Tammy Sanderson. At the age of 16 I experienced a zombie apocalypse along side my brother.This is the story of how we nearly died.


1. Chapter 1


They bang at the door with their rotting fists. My own clenched tightly around Jeff's. I look into his bright blue eyes. They're full of fear. I feel sorry for my little brother. He reads about zombies in book and never thought they were real. Just made up I told him. Well I was wrong.

"Don't worry they can't get through that, its 10 inches of solid steel" I whisper. Russell turns to us. "She's right you know, not even Chuck Norris can get through that even if he fires a Nokia through it", I smile. Russell always tries to make thing more positive in this apocalypse. With zombies roaming the streets, you need all the little bits of happiness you can get. As dad said 'Its better to die laughing'. Sadly we had to shoot him when he got bitten.

I still miss him and Jeff is still devistated. He was 9 when it started. One second he was playing football outside with dad, the next he saw his perants die in the hands of complete strangers. He knows if they would have lived then our whole team would have gone down with Zombie fever.

Thats what we call it when someone is bitten. Everyone knows someone who got it and out of our pack of 12 people, me and Jeff are the only two who have relatives still human.

"Tammy, when do you think it'll end" Jeff asks for the 100000 time. I answer the same as I always do. "I don't know, Jeff, I don't know" The he asks something new,"Will we see Mommy and Daddy in heaven?" Before I can thing of an answer Jamie gives us the next orders.

"I think its time we go out and blow those assholes to pieces, do you agree?" I cover Jeff's ears so he can't hear what I say next.

"Are you out of your mind, if we go out there those fucking zombies and gonna eat us alive. Do you really want that?"

"Piss off Tammy your full of bullshit", Jamie replies," We got the ammo why not kill them now". Before any of us can object he crosses the room and reaches for the handle.

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