Dont Say Goodbye

Chloe Collony is a young girl who suffers from a muscle wasting illness. She loves a popular boy band One Direction, but unfortunately is to ill to attend any of there concerts or signings.

This book is about true love and how love can keep two people together.


2. The Concert.

A week before the concert Chloe was given her wheelchair and was told to use it always as her bones and muscles would not be able to hold her own weight, so that weekend to get into comfort with the wheelchair Chloe took Olivia clothes shopping for the concert. 

'I want something that will make me stand out, what should I wear? How about this? No wait to flashy! Or this? No wait to thick! This is going to be a very stressful shopping trip!' Liv moaned to Chloe running around picking up different clothe items.

'Hey says you, your not the one is this weird contraption, I cant get use to the wheels I dont know how to turn!! I keep going round in circles. Its confusing!' Both the girls laughed to hide the pain 'Anyway I think you should get a luminous pink top, this will make you stand out  and we can get your twitter name printed on the front so when you get noticed by the boys and pulled up on stage everyone will be able to find you on twitter! What about a black pencil skirt? You have good legs and need to show them of also I know the boys will like that!! Come on I know the perfect place to buy this stuff. See shopping is easy, you just need to relax and not stress out' Chloe wheeled over to New Look and found the perfect top for Liv. 'Perfect!! You are going to stand out so much next week!'

'Chloe, I want to get you the same top as me so we can look like twins when your drop me of! You should get Chloe Tomlinson printed on you and I will get Olivia Styles printed on mine! I will pay come one.' Olivia picked up two luminous tops and took them to get printed 

The girls sat in McDonalds whilst they waited for there tops to be finished printing, gossiping about how they think the boys will look in person. Suddenly it was 2 o'clock and Chloe had to go home for some more therapy.

A week passed by and it was the night of the concert. Olivia phoned Chloe and told her that she wanted to get there early because she wanted to get to her seats. So Chloe got her mum to drive her, Olivia and Olivia's mum over to the arena. Thousands of screaming fans where stood by the back doors but luckily Liv had a fast track tickets to get in there first. 

Chloe and Liv hugged goodbye and agreed the pick up point and time. As Chloe waved goodbye a man walked up to her and shook her hand.

'Hi are you Chloe?' Chloe nodded. 'I would like you to come with me a minute, if that is okay with your mum?' Chloe was wheeled into the back of the arena but she had no idea what was going on! She was placed into a small room and was left alone. 

The door swung open and there stood, Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Chloe burst into tears, her dream to meet One Direction had come true! The boys walked in and sat on the cream couches. 'Hi Chloe, We're One Direction, you probably know that. You are probably confused about what is going on but we received a special letter about you.' Harry explained.

Dear One Direction, 

I know this is such short notice but I know this amazing girl who loves you all to pieces. Unfortunately when I got us both tickets to your concert she told me she couldn't come because of a muscle wasting illness that meant she wouldn't live part 16. I know how much she wanted to come to you concert so I would love for you to meet her! Thats her one dream she wanted to come true before she was 16. This is the only chance she will get. Please! If you do decide then her name is Chloe and she will be outside the arena on Sunday night in a luminous pink top that says Chloe Tomlinson. She will be in a wheelchair.

Thank you so much, Olivia.

Chloe had tears running down her face, so Louis stood up and put his arm around her 'Come on Chloe dont cry' He wiped the tears away from her face. 'Dont make that beautiful face go all red and puffy' Louis gave her a cheeky smile and the boys and Chloe spent the next 20 minutes chatting about their career and how they boys had kept following there dreams.'  Throughout the session Chloe had special messages written onto her top from all the boys. 

Louis wrote: Chloe always believe in yourself if you do then you can do anything!! Be sure to always smile and keep your chin up! Lots of love Louis :)

Niall wrote: Hey there baby your beautiful you know, make sure you keep healthy and dont eat to much nandos! Hugs and kisses Niall :) 

Harry wrote: Stay curly Chlo :) haha love you loads Harry ;) 

Liam wrote: Chloe always try your best at everything you do, even though you are perfect enough! From Liam ;)

Zayn wrote: Not much I can say Chlo but stay beautiful :) Love Zayn :)

 'So Chloe you have had your shirt signed by all of us but we have one last surprise for you... How would you like to come on stage and take part in What Makes Your Beautiful at the end of our concert? We have been told you a quit the singer so how about you show off your skills with us? We will have a team of stylists give you a makeover and you can have your hair done professionally if you like?' Louis explained.

Nodding her head Chloe wiped her nose and hugged all the boys as they left. This was the best day of her life she met the 5 boys she loved so much and now she was performing on stage with them! Her hair was all curled which Harry suggested and she had multi-coloured eye make up and Chloe was sat backstage waiting ,she could hear all the screaming fans.

'Right everyone its time for our last song and we are delighted to be singing it to a special girl who unfortunately couldn't attend the concert give a round of applause for Chloe!!' Harry and all the boys cheered along with the fans.


The boys sang to Chloe and she could do nothing but smile and sing along! When the boys where finished the song Chloe was taken backstage where she was reunited with Olivia! 

'Olivia I love you so much! I could not have asked for a better friend! I love you so much your just amazing!! Words cannot describe how much I love you!!' Chloe's eyes filled with tears as she constantly hugged Liv. All five boys stood around the two girls smiling as they had made a very special girl happy. 

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