Dont Say Goodbye

Chloe Collony is a young girl who suffers from a muscle wasting illness. She loves a popular boy band One Direction, but unfortunately is to ill to attend any of there concerts or signings.

This book is about true love and how love can keep two people together.


8. That Special Someone.

The next day when Louis went back to Chloes cabin he found her book on the bed. He felt the blue ribbon on the front and held it close to him. He turned to the first page and there was her to do list.

To do list:

- Meet One Direction (Done)

- Complete GCSEs 

- See One Direction in concert (Done)

- Walk 11 miles

- Meet that perfect person. (Done)

- Swim with Dolphins (Done)

-Tell Louis I love him

Louis noticed there wasnt a tick next to the last one so he picked up a pen and ticked that last this she wanted to do. He carried on reading through all her special memories when she cam across a page with a picture of him. Louis decided to read on

I am in hospital right now and I know I wont be awake for much longer so I had to write my last ever memory I want this memory to be about my Louis. Ever since I met Louis he has been kind to me. Like when I started crying because of Liv he gave me a cuddle and his smile just made me feel so much better. Also letting me sit next to him on the plane. He was always kind to me and I felt like I had someone I could talk to for once in my life. I think he has made my summer complete. He was one of the perfect boys I ever met and when he brought me to hospital I was so happy to wake up and find him by my side. I think Louis has mad it the perfect summer and I am going to miss him deeply. Louis if you are reading this now then you have done the right thing and found my book and read through it. I want you to remember this last thing Lou okay?

I Love You.

 A tear fell down Louis' face and splashed onto the page he held the book close to his chest and thought about all the amazing time he spent with Chloe. He remembered how Chloe would laugh when he did something stupid or embarrassing. Or smile every time he told her a joke. He remembered all the strolls on the beach they had and how many times he started into Chloes eyes. He couldn't let all those memory's just disapere like that.

Louis turned to a new page in her book and picked up her special pink pen that was attached to the back. He began to write.

Chloe, it me Louis. You where so special to me, I dont know if I can ever let you go. Your where that special person I wanted in my life. Sorry if this page is a little damp when you get it but I cannot stop crying every time I think of you. I am going to keep all our amazing memory's in this book because I loved you with all my heart and I couldnt let thoes memory's go! You where just amazing and you know how much I cared about you and looked after you. From now on I am going to keep writing in your book until I catch up with you in Heaven then we can sit and read this together. You better not forget me sweetie because I know I will never forget your perfect face. There was one thing I forgot to tell you back in the Hospital so I am going to tell you now... Chloe I love you.

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