Dont Say Goodbye

Chloe Collony is a young girl who suffers from a muscle wasting illness. She loves a popular boy band One Direction, but unfortunately is to ill to attend any of there concerts or signings.

This book is about true love and how love can keep two people together.


6. From Better To Worse.

It was the final week of Chloe's holiday with the boys and she had had one of the best summers of her life. But it was about to change. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and Chloe was about to go swimming with Louis when she collapsed whilst getting changed, the muscles had given way in her legs. Louis walked into her cabin to find her body lying on the floor. He ran toward her worried she was seriously hurt. He picked her up and ran to his car and drove her to the hospital.

'Chlo are you okay? I was so worried when I found in the cabin! Are you okay? Don't worry now you are in a hospital the doctors are taking care of you.' Louis was by Chloe's side holding her hand.

'Yeh I think I am okay, I banged my head when my legs give way that's all, thank you so much for bringing me here Louis. Does my mum and dad know? They will be so worried I cant let them be worried!'

'Calm down they are on there way. I phoned as soon as we go here. The doctor says you are unable to leave hospital now as your muscles are very unsteady, but I will always be by your side with you whenever you need me okay.' Louis explained.

The next day Chloe received a huge card signed from all the boys and a big bouquet of flowers. She also received a giant teddy of Louis with 'Get Well Soon' written on the front. Chloe couldn't have been happier she was surrounded by the people she loved, even though  she was in hospital that didn't change her positive thoughts!

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