Dont Say Goodbye

Chloe Collony is a young girl who suffers from a muscle wasting illness. She loves a popular boy band One Direction, but unfortunately is to ill to attend any of there concerts or signings.

This book is about true love and how love can keep two people together.


3. Better News.

It was the last week of year 11 and it was just a relaxing week for everyone as they just watched films in all lessons. Chloe woke up one morning for school and her phone had a missed call from a unknown number. She decided to ignore it and get ready for school. As Chloe applied her mascara her phone started to vibrate, again it was an unknown number so she picked up this time.

Hello, is this Chloe? Its Zayn from One Direction, we know its coming close to summer and all of us would like to make this one of the best summers you have ever had. We are giving you and your family the chance to have an amazing summer. We wont tell you how yet we would just like you to pack a suitcase ready for six weeks and be ready and 6pm on Friday. We will see you Friday.

Chloe screamed and her mum ran up confused about what was going on so Chloe explained what was going to happen and the whole family started to pack that evening.

It was finally Friday and the family sat in the front room waiting, they had no clue on what was happening when suddenly a long black stretch limo pulled up outside. The door swung open and One Direction climbed out. The doorbell rang and Niall stood at the door.

'Hello Chloe, nice to see you again you and your family need to get into this Limo and we will explain more in the car, please let us get your bags you don't need to worry about anything for the next few weeks okay.'

The whole family and One Direction squeezed into the car. Chloe looked terribly confused. 'Right what's going on? I am so confused now please explain!'

'We would like to give you the perfect summer, this summer will include. Swimming, climbing, water parks, roller coasters and a lot more! You will be staying in your own apartment which has a overview of the beach. All this will be taking place in Spain. All expenses are paid! You don't have to worry about a thing okay. Would you like that Chloe?' 

Chloe nodded and the limo left he road and headed for the airport.

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