Dont Say Goodbye

Chloe Collony is a young girl who suffers from a muscle wasting illness. She loves a popular boy band One Direction, but unfortunately is to ill to attend any of there concerts or signings.

This book is about true love and how love can keep two people together.


1. Bad News.

Chloe seemed like any normal 15 year old, she went out with her friends, was always gossiping about the latest new and the hottest boys and doing her school work. To all her friends Chloe seemed fine, but inside she was seriously ill. At only the age of 13 Chloe was diagnosed with a muscle wasting illness, this was a massive shock to her and her family as she was told she would not live past the age of 16, and there would be chances she would be in a wheelchair by her 15th birthday. As Chloe grew older she started to become thinner and weaker, she was unable to participate in simple sporting activities and even struggles carrying her school bag around for one day. Her  friends and teachers started constantly asking questions about her weight and why she was so thin, but Chloe had to put all the questions to the back of her mind and not let it all affect her. 

When Chloe went to her session to test her muscle strength she was told that she had to use a wheelchair from now on as her bones where not strong enough to keep her upright. Chloe just fell into a pile, 'I knew I would have to use a wheelchair but I didn't expect it this soon' she cried into her mums shoulder. She knew it was time to tell her friends about her illness as it was obvious they would find out. So the next day Chloe slowly walked, slowly and painfully, through the school gates when, Olivia her best friend ran up to her with a excited look on her face. 

'Chloe! Chloe! You will never guess what!!' Before Chloe had time to reply Olivia burst out with excitement 'I got us two front row tickets to One Direction! How great is that and I am taking you! My mum got me them as an early birthday present!'

'Liv, I, I cant go' Chloe said with a lump in her throat 'I would love to but I cant. Its a very long story and I need to tell you why at break because I would rather not do  it here!' Chloe croaked. Olivia understood and they both wandered into class. 

The bell went at 11:50 and Chloe took Olivia to a room where no one would possibly interrupt. 'Right Liv this is really hard to tell you but I have to tell you know and I know it will be a huge shock but just be prepared okay.' Chloe grabbed Livs hand. 'Okay, erm I have a muscle wasting illness which means my bones and muscles waste' A tear ran down Chloes face and she couldnt carry on. She took a deep breath 'they waste away over the years. I was diagnosed when I was 13 and I didn't want to tell anyone at the time. But the doctors say I will be lucky if I make it past my 16th birthday.'  Olivia's eyes flooded with tears, her best friend was ill, she didn't know what to reply. 'Doctors told me I have to be in a wheelchair from now on as my bones and muscles and becoming very week. That is why  I cant go to the concert with you. Olivia I am so sorry and I know this will have shocked you a lot but I just need a friend to get through it with! That is why I am telling you.' Chloe leaned over and gave Liv one of her amazing hugs and whipped the tears away from her face. 

The two girls slowly and silently walked back to class as they had missed the first 15 minutes of Maths. After school Chloe promised to take Olivia to the concert and pick her up so Liv could stay at hers afterwards to tell Chloe what it was about. Although Chloe new she was missing out on one of the most amazing concerts she was happy that Liv got tickets and was going to enjoy herself.

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