Summer in England

Megan and Jessie had always dreamed of going to England since they were kids. They had always watched the X Factor looking for some people they would love to meet there. In 2010 they found One Direction. They loved the band and always supported them. In 2013 when they were in the 10th grade there parents decided it would be okay for them to go to England. What they didn't know was who they would meet when they got there.


10. Surprise

Megan's P.O.V

I was woken up around 7 in the morning to Niall and Liam sitting on the floor and playing guitar. I laughed when I saw them just sitting there. I got up and walked over to Jessie's and nudged her and she groaned and turned over. I knew she wouldn't get up for a while so I pulled the guys out into the living room.
"What's wrong?" asked Liam.
"Nothing, we're going to wake Jessie up." I said quietly making sure she didn't hear us if she was already half awake. I went into the kitchen and got a cup and filled it with ice.
"What are you doing?" Niall asked suspiciously. I rolled my eyes then walked back into our room and motioned for the guys to follow.
"Okay when I point to you play the guitar as loud as you can." the nodded and I walked over to Jessie.
I held up my fingers. One, two, and pointed. I was about to pour the ice in her when she grabbed my hand.
Niall played the guitar abs Jessie screamed,"Don't you dare!" I laughed so hard, I didn't expect her to actually be able to realize what we were doing. She laid her head back down and tried to go back to sleep.
I pointed the Niall and Liam and poured the ice in Jessie's back. It was hilarious I fell to the floor laughing. She screamed and got up and slapped Niall and then Liam. She then walked back over to me and took the rest of the ice and poured it on my head.
"What was that for?!" I screamed.
"What was that wake up for?!" she yelled back at me. We both burst out laughing and Niall and Liam helped us up when we could finally stand again. 
"So what do you girls want to do today?" Liam asked us.
I looked at Jessie and I knew she didn't know. "Well, what is there to do here?" 
Niall looked at Liam and they burst out laughing. "What is there to do here, more like what isn't there to do here?" Niall laughed out.
"Come on girls this is England!" added on Liam.
"Well then you chose! Surprise us!" I said.  They exchanged looks again and then back at us.
"We will." said Niall then walked out followed by Liam.
"Well that was weird." said Jessie.
"Yeah but, let's go ahead and get ready." I replied and then she went to the dresser and grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.
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