Summer in England

Megan and Jessie had always dreamed of going to England since they were kids. They had always watched the X Factor looking for some people they would love to meet there. In 2010 they found One Direction. They loved the band and always supported them. In 2013 when they were in the 10th grade there parents decided it would be okay for them to go to England. What they didn't know was who they would meet when they got there.


15. Sorry

Okay guys, so I have decided to stop writing fanfics unless they're finished so I won't be posting for a while. And I might eventually finish this one but, as of right now, I have no desire to because I really don't see it going anywhere. If you guys have any ideas for what could happen next you could comment that below and I might take some of those and end up finishing it with the help of you guys! I won't judge any of your ideas so really no matter what it is just comment it and don't be scared! And Chapter 14 is now finished so I will leave you guys with that. (It was really bad though sorry ugh.)

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