Summer in England

Megan and Jessie had always dreamed of going to England since they were kids. They had always watched the X Factor looking for some people they would love to meet there. In 2010 they found One Direction. They loved the band and always supported them. In 2013 when they were in the 10th grade there parents decided it would be okay for them to go to England. What they didn't know was who they would meet when they got there.


5. Over England

It was about 1:00 o'clock p.m. back on the east coast in America. As for England it was about 6:00 o'clock p.m. If I lived here I would be about to eat dinner. Either way I was starving!
Jessie and my mom were still asleep. I didn't dare wake them up. I was going to as soon as we were over England. I had spent some of my time talking to the person in the seat across from me. She was really nice and from England. I think I had told her a hundred times how much I loved her accent. She had fallen asleep and had just been woken up by her dad.
I got up and headed to the bathroom. By the time I was on my way back to my seat an announcement came on. "Ladies and gentlemen we are now flying over England." I ran back to my seat to find that Lucy the girl across from me had already woken them up for me. She obviously didn't want them to miss it.
I looked out the window and my jaw dropped. 
"That's amazing." I said quietly.
"I know I cant wait to see it from the ground." Apparently it wasn't as quite as I thought I was or Jessie wouldn't of said that.
After about 10 minutes of flying over England another announcement came on. "We are about to land in Doncaster. Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for landing."
I was so excited! I buckled my seat belt then looked out the window some more. All of the sudden a huge smile came across my face as thousands of thoughts rushed through my head.
I couldn't stop thinking about the guys,  about Josh, about Andy, even Paul! it was all so exciting. What would I do, what would I say. I could contain myself and let out a small squeal. Jessie looked over at me like I was crazy. 
"What are you thinking about?" she asked me probably knowing I was thinking about One Direction.
"Oh nothing." I replied with my smile slowly fading away.
"Oh really?" she asked like a know-it-all.
"Yes, really." I replied calmly.
My mind kept on thinking about the guys until we were just about to actually land. At that moment one of the worst thoughts ever came to my mind. 'What if the guys don't like us? What if they don't like our personalities? What if we only talk for a couple of minutes and that's the end of this? Then how will this trip turn out?' I couldn't just brush it aside. These questions kept on running through my head.
We landed and we all slowly got off the plane. We were near the very front so we were going to be the last people off. I turned around to Jessie and I asked "What if they don't like us? As in friends? What if they think we're just some other crazed fans?"
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