Summer in England

Megan and Jessie had always dreamed of going to England since they were kids. They had always watched the X Factor looking for some people they would love to meet there. In 2010 they found One Direction. They loved the band and always supported them. In 2013 when they were in the 10th grade there parents decided it would be okay for them to go to England. What they didn't know was who they would meet when they got there.


1. Getting Permission

"Please mom, we have been saving up forever for this." I begged. Me and my friend Jessie had always dreamed of going to England. We have been saving up since the 3rd grade and we now have the money. The only problem with the whole thing is our parents.

"I don't know you have never even been out of New York." said my mom.

"Please, I know that we can do this, we have been waiting on this summer for the longest time." I replied.

"I don't know I think you guys should have someone go with you." my mom replied.

"Then why don't you go with us? I know you would love to see England." I said.

"I would love to see England, but I don't think that we have the money right now." she replied.

"Oh please, you and dad were just talking last night about how much money you have. Please come with us, we have been wanting to do this for so long. Please, don't ruin this for us."  I begged.

"Okay, fine, i'll ask your dad when he gets home." she said.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I practically screamed. Then I ran off to my room.

"Your welcome!" She called after me.

I closed my door and picked up my phone and opened my laptop. First I texted Jessie, the text read,'She said she would ask my dad! So that's practically a YES!' I then opened Twitter and tweeted,'Might go to England this summer! Can't wait! Hope I see the boys! @niallofficial @harry_styles @louis_tomlinson @zaynmalik @real_liam_payne' I didn't really expect them to tweet back but, it was always worth a try.

About 5 minutes later I see a tweet from my other friend Callie 'Why didn't you invite me to go along with you? Lol jk I know how much you two have been planing for this. Hope you get to go!' I replied back 'Thanks Callie, I would really love to see the guys though. That would be a dream come true! @onedirection' About 30 seconds later she replied 'I know you've only told me about 100 times! I hope you meet @niallofficial atleast!' I stopped and thought about what I was going to say. Meeting the boys now is practically impossible! Of course it's been a dream of mine ever since 2010. Still it's almost impossible. I thought about it for a while but, I never got around to replying to Callie.

I checked my phone and Jessie had replied 'Great my mom said yes! I hope your dad says yes! We have been waiting forever for this summer! I can't believe this might actually happen!' I replied back with 'I know go check out my last tweet.' She didn't reply back within 10 minutes so I texted her again 'Hey, did you look at it?' She replied after about 2 minutes with 'MEG GO LOOK WHO TWEETED YOU BACK ON YOUR LAST TWEET!!!' I looked at my twitter and clicked on the tweet. I scrolled down to the bottom because Callie and Jessie had been talking some more on it. At the very bottom was a tweet from NIALL JAMES HORAN!! It read 'Hey Megan I hope you get to come to England what about Ireland though? Haha seriously Englands amazing though!' I tweeted back 'Thanks Niall, it would be more amazing if I could meet my inspiration, you! Maybe we could go to Ireland too!'

After that I knew he would probably never see it or reply so I got off. Then I got a text saying 'Are you gonna reply to Niall!?' I texted her back 'I did!' She texted back 'He replied again!' I tossed my phone on the bed and got back on.

I looked back on the tweet and he replied 'It would be great to meet you! You sound like a pretty chilled fan.' I think I had a mini heart attack! I mean normally I am a pretty chilled fan but this, this is huge! I'm actually carrying on a conversation with him! I replied 'Thanks! I'll have to ask of course, I hope I can!' Then I looked at my followers because the blue light lit up. It showed that I had a new follower. I looked at it and it said 'Niall Horan' I thought it was a fake so I clicked on it. It was the real Niall Horan! I was so happy! I checked my DM's too. I had a ton now probably because Niall tweeted me and he now followed me.

I looked through them and looked for the ones from people I actually knew. I had one form Callie, one from Jessie and a ton from other people that I just followed for update accounts. I looked at the one from Callie that said 'You are soo lucky! He actually tweeted you! You better go to Ireland for that boy!' I replied 'Haha thanks I hope I doo!!!'

Then I looked at the one from Jessie that read 'That's it we're going to Ireland too!!! I'm going to ask my mom and ask yours after your dad says yes, okay?' I replied 'Okay, okay I will I know he will say yes! He better at least!! This is huge!!'

I then looked at the other ones and there were a ton! I followed about 50 people and it seemed like as soon as he started tweeting me they were ALL online! I had a couple that just said 'Hey' Then I had a ton of others that said things like 'Please DM my name to Niall!' 'You are so lucky that he tweeted you!' I also had a couple of death threats! They were all along the lines of 'If you don't DM my name to Niall I will kill you!' 'Talk to him again and you won't wake up tomorrow morning!!' 

None of the death threats really scared me though. All I did with those was unfollow them. I didn't reply to anyone really except for one or two of the 'Hey' and Callie's and Jessie's. I posted a tweet that said 'Sorry, i'm not going to DM any names to Niall. I just don't want to annoy him, i'm sorry.' I got some hate for it, but I didn't care cause I knew it was only because they wanted a follow from him too. I also unfollowed all of the update accounts cause I didn't really care anymore because, if I ever wanted to meet up with Niall I could DM him myself.

I shut my computer down for the night and just used my iPhone. I kept on texting Jessie of course. Also I got a ton of text from people finding it on my twitter probably. I just blocked the numbers and took my number off of my twitter. I stayed up untill about 1 in the morning, then fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with Jessie and Callie.

I dreamed about being in England and Ireland. It looked like so much fun in my dream. I couldn't wait to actually get there.

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