Heart touching

Just another love story for you to read ;)


1. The only chapter

A girl was in a hospital lying on her bed, sobbing and crying. You see she had a heart disease and she desperately needed a heart transplant. She had very little to live.
Her boyfriend sat next to her holding her left hand as tight as he could. The girl's head slowly turned to his direction.
"I'm scared, James, I'm so scared" She sobbed, clingy on to James's hand.
James did not reply and kept silent.
"I don't have much to live, James" She added, hoping he'll say something to cheer her up.
James still did not say something, not even a word, it was as if he didn't care.
Then the girl's emotion suddenly changed and got the wrong idea, she thought since James did not reply, he wanted her to die.
"Is that it? Your not gonna say anything?" She cried, crunching her hands.
"I'm sorry" He replied, facing down.
"Is that all your gonna say? James I've not got very long to live! This isn't a joke! Why do you have to act this way?" She angerly cried, pulling her hand away from James.
"Dont you even care about me?" She added but he said nothing.
Soon silience filled the air.
Then the girl slapped the boy on the face.
"Get out! I hate you! You don't even care! This is your fault that I got this disease! You only care about yourself! I'm dumping you! Get out! Just get out!" She shouted.
The boy did not say anything, he just slowly got up.
"I hope you'll find a guy who cares" he said. Then he walked away leaving the girl to cry angerly.
That was the last time the girl ever saw James...
She knew she'll never wake up the next day.
That night as she peacefully went to sleep, she had a dream. Everything was white, white clouds surrounded her and there was an golden path that lead to the white stairs. She was confused at first for she didn't know where she was. Up the stairs was a golden gate.
The gate slowly opened and there was a very bright light that almost made her blind. Then a figure appeared...
It was her ex boyfriend. He was covered in white. Then she suddenly realise that it wasn't a dream that she was in heaven but James had a gloomy face and did not look very happy.
Infact he wasn't happy at all...
The girl stepped closer to see what he was holding in his hands. It was a heart! But why was it there and who did it belonged to?
The girl tried to speak but she couldn't get her voice out, suddenly she couldn't take another step. She was stuck. Then the boy slowly smiled and came closer to the girl.
He lifted the heart up and pushed it through the girl's chest.
"No!" She cried, opening her wide eyes. The nurses suddenly came to check on her.
"It's ok! It's ok! It was just a dream you had!" The nurse explained, trying to clam her down. She was suddenly confused to why she was still alive.
"Why... Why am I still alive?" The girl curiously asked. The nurses looked at eachother for moment then looked at the girl.
"Well... Someone very kind, decided to gave up his heart for you" one of the nurse gloomily explained.
"But who?" She replied, touching her chest.
"It was a boy named James" the nurse said. The girl was speechless and shocked.
"Here, he left you a note" the nurse added, handing the girl the note.
As tears fell from her eyes, she slowly opened the note.
It read...
'By the time you read this I'm probably not there to comfort you anymore. I'm sorry that I made you think that I did not care. I knew that if I gave up my heart I would die but the reason why I did was because I was willing to give my heart up... For you'
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