Mass Effect: Reload

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my first fan fiction story. It's about the Mass Effect universe during Mass Effect 2. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy


2. Chapter Two


The swirling feeling returned to me, my head felt like I was spinning through a void. No sense of direction. No sense of time. Just the swirling and the black which filled my mind, the light of the console was no more, its light no longer illuminating my room. Or at least, what I thought was still my room.

After laying for what seemed to be an eternity, my senses began to form again and return to me. My hearing was no longer filled with the high-pitched buzzing. As I allowed my thoughts to form I continued to remain still, my body not feeling like it was mine, like I was two separate entities - One part being my mind; thoughts, sensations and senses, and the other being my body which wouldn t move no matter how hard I willed it to.

After a while my sight, touch and other senses shifted back into focus. The feeling of my bedroom floor, cold and metallic came to my mind. "Wait..." I thought, "My floor isn t made of metal, its carpet" Confusion came over me like a wave at this point. Shifting my weight to one side, I rolled onto my right side. I was once again greeted with the feeling of cold metal against my skin.

"What is going on?" I muttered as I forced my eyes to open, the will power required to do so was worrying to me. As my eyelids parted from in front of my eyes the sudden introduction of light was painful, I scrunched my fingers together, returning feeling to them as I did. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to invading light of the room. "Commander Shepard, my sensors are picking up a un registered human life form in the port cargo bay" A strangely familiar voice said, my eyes and ears were unable to pin-point where the voice had come from and who' s it was, despite the voice ringing many bells in my mind.

"I would suggest investigating the individual immediately to reduce risk of damage to the ship or crew, my sensors did not pick up the individual before now, there may be a possible glitch in my systems that forced me to overlook the individual." The voice was not completely natural, though obvious effort had been put into making sure it sounded human; there was a definite synthetic tone to it.

"I will run diagnostics while you investigate" The oddly attractive synthetic female voice then cut off. Through powers of deduction, I assumed I was the unregistered human. The next couple of seconds came a rush of realisation from many things at once. First; I realised whose voice I had been hearing as I had tried to piece together what happened to me, EDI or Enhanced Defence Intelligence. The AI aboard the SSV Normandy.

I then sat up, pushed along by that realisation, I realised where I was. I wasn t sure if I was dreaming this or what, but, I was inside the Normandy. The ship owned and commanded by Commander Shepard! "Holy crap!" I shouted, standing up quickly as I shouted, my head span; maybe from the rush of blood or because of where I was. The metallic room glistened in the once invading light, reflecting of the walls, ceiling and floor.

My thoughts were a wreck, questions rushing through my mind and with no answers to please them. My emotions were a mix of confusion, excitement, worry and joy. All of this lead to not being able to think straight and my heart rate and breathing increased dramatically. Breathing heavily, I looked down to myself, still in my body, wearing my simple grey hoodie, black T-shirt and jeans, just what I had been wearing while I was playing on my Xbox. Patting my torso to check myself I found nothing unusual, noticing my iPod touch was still in my pocket I decided to hold on to it, a piece of the world that I left behind.

A few seconds passed, filled with sentimentality, thinking of my parents and little brother and our home in England; the cloud of memories quickly dispersed as I heard footsteps approach, remembering the layout of the ship from the game I realised they would be approaching from the elevator near engineering. I pulled what thoughts I can together and begin to walk over towards the door, I raised my hands to about shoulder height just as the space-age door separated and slid open, the noise of hydraulics briefly filling the room.

If I said the next couple of minutes were weird, it would be the understatement of the millennia, but I digress, the next few moments would be unforgettable. "My name is Commander Shepard, the captain of this vessel" The commander was John Shepard, alliance solider with his army haircut and Cerberus on-ship clothing ;as he took a few cautious steps towards me, pistol pointing directly at my chest he said in an authoritative tone "Who are you? And how did you get on my ship?" If I could have formed words at that moment, I really didn t show it.

I just stood there, half in awe as Shepard was stood right in front of me and half in fear because he was pointing a gun at me. "I...I..." was all I managed to produce before the commander asked again "I said, who are you? And how did you get on my ship?" It was at that moment a beautiful yet hard-looking woman stepped out from the evaluator, long dark brown hair and wearing what could only be described as a Cerberus cat suit. Miranda Lawson. She walked with a certain power and grace, like she belonged on the ship and she knew what she could do, Miranda and Shepard shared the same cautious face as she stopped next to him in the door way. Glancing at me with cold calculating eyes and then looking at Shepard she seemed to be less cautious than him "Probably due to her biotic powers" I thought to myself.

"What have we learned from him? Who is he?" Miranda asked, casting her glance over to me as she spoke, her stance of one hand on her hip showing confidence. "I don t know he doesn't seem like one to talk" Shepard told Miranda, his face relaxed slightly as he spoke.

Having witnessed the brief conversation between the two I felt like I could attempt to talk again, I wasn t sure what I was going to say exactly but, it s better than nothing. " Name is Thomas, Thomas Hall" and the next words were as true as anything "I'm not sure how I got here" Shepard and Miranda both threw a quick glance to each other before locking their eyes back on me. Shepard relaxed his position, standing up straight and placing his pistol on the magnetic clamp on his side. "Ok Thomas, don't worry, we won t harm you unless you try it with us first" The words from Shepard relaxed me greatly "But you have to tell us, what are you doing here? How did you get on board?" his voice was more relaxed than previously but still had a cautious under tone to it.

The questions he had asked were the exact same questions I had asked myself since I woke up here, and I still didn t have any answers. "I honestly don t know I was at home playing..." realising what I was about to say, I quickly made up a story to suit this time frame rather than the year 2012 "A game and all of a sudden I passed out and woke up here I don t remember anything from when I passed out until just few minutes ago" Shepard took another step towards me; Miranda opened her mouth as if to say something but closed her mouth and watched us both cautiously. "I won't lie to you Tom, I'm suspicious of this, you just wind up on my ship without any reason why you re here or how you got here" the words made my hear sink a little, this must have reflected on my face because the next words were less untrusting of me "But, your only what, 17? You can t do much damage to me, my crew or my ship so I m gunna hang on before we take any serious action. We ll check you over for weapons and then we ll send you over to our medical bay to get you checked out, ok?" I dropped my hands to my sides at this point.

"Ah I, thanks I m not here to damage anything and honestly, you know just as much as I do at this point" I looked between Shepard and Miranda as I spoke with a half-smile, not wanting to seem like a threat. "EDI, Scan him." Miranda said coldly as if she hadn't heard my words at all. Shepard glanced at her, then looked back to me. "Yes, Officer Lawson" The female synthetic voice said, spotting the speakers from which the voice came I stood still and waited for the scan to finish.

Commencing the scan last roughly a minute, a small line of pure white light passed over my body several times "Just like the decontamination light from Mass Effect 1" I thought to myself, chuckling quietly. "No weapons of any kind detected. However, I did detect a technological anomaly, an object on him contains technology which almost 200 years old" EDI s voice showed concern as she spoke "The anomaly's name, I found after looking through human technology archives was known as the iPod touch, it is of no threat, however it is a point of interest".

"200 years old? EDI, verify." Miranda said, looking up to the speaker/ microphone system. Concern covered Miranda s face, her voice demanding of the AI. "The iPod touch as it was known was last in production in the year 2015, making it 170 years old. The object was apparently used as a personal music player and was built to house, audio, video and image files." EDI said, as if she was reading the archives aloud, which she probably was.

For the next few seconds the only noise was that off the ship, as its mass effect core could be heard pulsing and vibrating. "Secondary scans also detect the object is perfectly functional and still holds audio files" as EDI said this I felt like privacy was being invaded, looking through my iPod, the one things that had been brought with me. "The last time a working model was documented was in a technological museum on Earth that was over 100 years ago" Both Miranda and Shepard looked to me at that moment, confusion for the most part, covered their faces. How was the only word that managed to leave Shepard s mouth at that moment, his eyes analysed me as I stood there; trying to think of a valid reason to have 200 year old technology in my pocket unfortunately, none came to mind.

I took a step forward, thinking I should say "Let me explain" then realising, I couldn t. I couldn t explain how I had come to be here, 200 years in the future, the future of another universe "Commander, we should inform the illusive man of what s happened" Miranda suggested, turning to Shepard to gain his attention. As soon as I heard the words a wave of fear washed over me, the illusive man. If he were to be told of what I had he would begin to ask questions, want to see me and that couldn t lead to anything good, I had no answers to give to him - and he hated not knowing things.

"Please, don t tell the Illusive man, I...I don t I..." Words ceased to form in my mind, emotions were too thick to think over. All this, waking up here, meeting Commander Shepard and Miranda, now, I was going to be handed over to the illusive man to be tested and possibly experimented on to see how I got here. It was too much, too much to think about at once. To much. My head span, the world seemed to blur around me. Everything went black as I hit the floor.

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