Mass Effect: Reload

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my first fan fiction story. It's about the Mass Effect universe during Mass Effect 2. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy


3. Chapter Three


When I awoke from my loss of conciousness, I remember my first thoughts were off how good a dream I thought that was, which then shortly was followed by a great feeling of sadness and loss for some part that I hadn't done more in the time I had.

This was all before I opened my eyes and actually took notice of my surrondings. I expected to open my eyes and be greeted by my bedroom ceiling that I had grown accustomed to, the plain white paint acted as a canvas to project my thoughts onto, but, fortunatly for me; I was not greeted by my bedroom ceiling. Or any other part of my room for that I opened eyes for the first time in I didn't know how long I was pleasently suprised to find the light setting of the medical bay aboard the Normandy as the place I wound up.

The cool, ventilated are of the medical bay blew over my body; the light breeze a welcome feeling compared to that of a metal floor - it also was good to feel my senses were now back into focus after them being in disaray. A smell of disinfectant and rubber wafted into my nostrils "I don't really like that smell but it could be worse I suppose" my internal monolouge said. My eyes felt rested yet still weary from being closed for so long, my attempt to rub my eyes didn't go as planned. As I went to lift my right hand to my eyes I felt a sudden pull, but not like something was physically holding them but like they were "Locked" in space.

I quickly looked to down to my hands at this, shifting my upper torso from the medical bay to do so; It was then that I saw my hands were in some kind of transparent ball of sorts, a hole for my hand to go in was the only access point; a metal loop around the ball connected it to the sides of the medical bed. I quick check revealed my other hand was also encased in another of the same contraption. "Don't try to struggle, you won't get out of them, and you'll only hurt yourself" A male voice said, the voice suprised me and I looked up promptly to see who's it was. Standing near the desk Doctor Chakwas used was commander Shepard, leaning over towards one of the computer monitors; he returned to looking at the screen after he spoke. "Your hands are being held in place by mass effect fields inside those domes, thats why you can't move them" He glanced over to the the mass field domes before returning his eyes to the screen.

"Oh, right... I guess I can see where your coming from really" I told Shepard, my voice showing slight nerves as I spoke. "Wouldn't want somebody you know nothing about getting up in the middle of a medical scan, hah" I said, laying back down and looking to the ceiling of the room as I spoke. "Exactly, we need to check your agenda and health before we want you walking around the ship" Shepard replied. The hydraulic noise of the med-bay door opening grabbing both his and my attention, the door sections slid into their alcoves to reveal Doctor Chakwas "Commander" she said as she walked swiftly to her desk and picked up a datapad. She tapped on the pad, reading the streams of information that appeared on the orange screen as she walked towards the medical bed I was on.

Her grey hair brushed behind one ear and her cerberus uniform gave a wise look to her as she walked towards me, "So Thomas... how are you feeling?" She stopped a couple of steps from the table and looked to me as she asked, her hand holding the datapad dropping to her side, she looked at me as she spoke. Her whole demeanour was quite motherly in some ways. "I'm fine I think, a slight headache but apart from that..." As I spoke, Doctor Chakwas glanced up to my head, her brows furrowed in slight confusion. The expression faded as quickly as it arrived. "That's good" She said, glancing over to Shepard. "Commander, could you hand me that pack of Medi-gel off the desk please?" The Commander shifted his gaze to the desk, spotting the small red packet on the desk and throwing it under arm to the doctor who caught it with no trouble. "I'm just going to sort out that small laceration on your forehead, it seems you may have hit something as you passed out"

"I don't remember... that might be why my head hurts though" I told Doctor Chakwas, she opened up the small red packet and applied some of the transparents gel on my forehead, the soothing cold of the gel helped almost instantly on the pain. "Wow, that stuff really works" Laughing lightly as I told her. Both Doctor Chakwas and Shepard smiled a little at my reaction. The doctor finnsished applying the gel and placed her disposable gloves in a nearby trash chute on the wall. "You make it sound like you've never used medi-gel before" The Commander joked. The joke wasn't lost on me, but the humour of the matter was, I hadn't used medi-gel before; while practically everyone in this universe had. I put on a empty smile to fit with the joke.

The commander walked from near the doctors desk over to a terminal built into the wall near my head and Doctor Chakwas moved over to her desk, sat down on the office chair and began typing away at the console. "Your neural scans came back fine, nothing out of the ordinary so no need to worry on that front, but..." "Commander" the commander was cut off by a very familiar voice over the speaker/ microphone system "We're approaching Omega now. ETA around 10 minutes" Shepard looked up to the speakers with this "Thanks Joker, Tell Jacob and Miranda to ready up" He said to the microphone "Aye aye, sir" Joker said over the speakers. Shepard looked back to me from the speakers, his face slightly cautious, he looked to one side; showing he was thinking. "We'll discuss what to do with you when I get back, I'm going to remove the mass field domes but your going to stay in the med-bay..."

The commander looked over to Doctor Chakwas as he spoke "That is if that's ok with you Doctor?" Doctor Chakwas nodded at the commander. "I'm not as frail as I might seem Commander, I have Alliance training too you know. Some of the best unarmed training in the galaxy" She stated, laughing as she did. "Alright doc, I'm sure you can get Mess Sergeant Gardner to fix you something up if you get hungry" Shepard said, glancing over to me as he told us. I nodded my head at the Commander as he walked over to the main desk, typed on the holographic keyboard and the mass fields in the domes ceased to exsist. He then proceded to walk swiftly out of the medical bay; the hydraulic door opening and closing for the commander. I removed my hands from the domes, rubbing my wrist and sat up on the medical bed. Touching the place were the pain had been I turned my thoughts to the time ahead and what I could say to the commander.

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