Mass Effect: Reload

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my first fan fiction story. It's about the Mass Effect universe during Mass Effect 2. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy


6. Chapter Six


Once the elevator had arrived on the crew deck on the Normandy I stepped out, planning to walk to the med-bay and start working out the Omni-tool I had been given, my thought train was interrupted by Shepard; who was still stood in the elevator, waiting for it to move to another floor I assumed. "Thomas." I turned around to face the Commander "I'd leave the Doctor to work on Garrus for a while, you can wait at the dining table for her to finish" he added, my thoughts clicking together and seeing that would be the best thing to do.

"Alright commander, I'll be trying out my Omni-tool if you need me" I replied, before walking towards the dining area of the ship, the elevator door sliding closed in front of the commander. As I approached the table and sat down at the far side I noticed two things; one, engineer Gabriella Daniels was also sat at the table, eating from one of the grey plastic trays. And two, the aroma coming from the kitchen was something I had never smelt before in my life. I turned my head to kitchen area to look at what the chef might be cooking but I couldn't see what was inside the steaming cooking pot.

Sitting down again I opened up the white Omni-tool box that I had placed on the table and began to pull out the different things packed in the small box. "Hey." A female voice said from the other side of the table I looked over to the woman talking to me, Gabriella "Are you the kid the Commander found near engineering?" she asked me, in that slightly high-pitched voice she had, placing her fork back onto the tray. "Umm does everyone know about that? It seems everyone I see asks me" I replied to the engineer, laughing at the situation.

"Yeah pretty much, me and Kenneth heard all commotion while we were working and wondered what the fuss was about" I remembered the two engineers were pretty much tied at the hip in the games and could imagine "EDI told us they found someone unregistered on board, so it is you?" she asked, pressing me for answers "Yes, it was me" I replied turning my head back to the Omni-tool, reading through the paper pamphlet which told me the basic functions of the tech and some instructions on use and maintenance. "Hmm" Gabby said quietly, she herself turning back to her food slowly.

After a few minutes I had read through the instructions and pulled the small band out of the box; the band was a thin plastic strip with what looked like a metal strip in the middle. A thin line of orange light ran around the full length of the band and a small square panel was secured on one section of the loop. I slipped the band onto my left wrist and the band automatically tightened and was comfortably secure on my wrist, the small panel located on the top of my wrist. I tapped the panel and the band vibrated for a second before the familiar orange holographic gauntlet appeared over my left hand and forearm.

The Omni-tool illuminated the section of the table I was at in a slight orange glow; text began to appear above my forearm and asked for my name. After typing the details in the Omni-tool ran me through about half an hours worth of tutorials on working the device, firstly the basic workings and then I went onto intermediate and advanced workings. My face locked with a smile at the device, remembering everything to the best of my ability I was quite happy that I had learned the majority of what I'd seen, running through some things a couple of times to get a thorough grasp. My time had been filled with typing away at the holographic keyboard and waving my arm at various electronic devices around the room. Content that I had learned what I could I tapped the small panel again, which was visible through a holographic circle on top of my hand and the Omni-tool faded away quickly along with its orange glow.

I looked back up to the rest of room, catching Gabby looking away quickly back to her tray, which was empty at this point. "Were you just... watching me on my Omni-tool?" I asked her, my voice filled with confusion at this. "Um, yeah, I guess so... I mean! I'm not a weirdo, it s just that you managed to grasp the Omni-tool pretty quickly, it took me about two hours to understand it all for the first time" Gabby's voice also had some confusion to it as well as something else. "Have you worked with that kind of model before? Like, ever?" she inquired, brushing one of her dark brown hairs behind her ear. "Not really, no this is my first Omni-tool" I said in response, looking away from her face as I spoke, avoiding her eye contact for a few seconds. "Honestly?" Her voice rising in pitch and her head moving back as she spoke. "Well, Kenneth may have some competition here, he was Omni-tool literate an hour after his first Omni-tool, and he was around your age too" her voice returning back to normal pitch.

"Mm, I doubt it; he's pretty good at what he does" I replied to Gabby, realising my mistake as soon as I finished the sentence. "Wait. How would you know?" she asked, one eye brow rising as did. My brain couldn t think of anything valid to say at that moment, and then I had a light bulb moment, blurting the sentence out before I forgot. "Erm, Doctor Chakwas gave me a brief run-down of the crew while I was in the med-bay, told me who was who I guess" I said quickly, the silence between me speaking and Gabby's response seemed like forever. "Oh right, um, I guess you were in there a while, it makes sense that you and the Doc talked" she said, shrugging her shoulders while she spoke.

"Yeah, ha-ha so... "I thought about my words this time before speaking "do you and Ken work in engineering?" I asked, fully knowing the answer but asking regardless so I could talk about it with her. "Yep, me and Kenneth are the main engineers on the Normandy, running diagnostics, making repairs, over-seeing upgrades to the ship; the works"

For a while me and Gabby sat at the dining table, talking about the Normandy, everyday work for the engineers on the ship and the uses the Omni-tool had besides the "By the book" uses as Gabby called them. Kenneth joined us a while later, typing away at his Omni-tool as he grabbed a seat opposite Gabby who introduced us and caught him up on what we were talking about. The three of us sat there for what have must have been an hour discussing Cerberus, comparing Omni-tools and other tech-based subjects. Kenneth played some music from his Omni-tool, the sound quality was incredible, but the volume was kept down for people working in the med-bay. Kenneth had a few songs from my time/ universe/ whatever. Including Paramore, so the music was pleasing to both me and Kenneth, Gabby didn t see the appeal and said how "sensory bands are the real deal."

A few more minutes passed before the med-bay door opened; all heads turned to the noise of the hydraulic door sliding apart. Garrus Vakarian stepped through the threshold rubbing the side of his face were the healing pack had been applied. His blue armour, some of which had been damaged had burn marks around it, black marks burnt onto the navy blue turian armour. Garrus stepped out of the med-bay and preceded to walk towards the elevator, looking around the room, his visor still perfectly intact passed over me and Garrus stopped for a second and began to walk over to the dining table. "Hey, you're the guy who fixed my rifle up, right?" He said to me, standing at just over 6ft tall he looked more imposing than I would have thought. "Yyeah, that was me, I didn't think you d want it back covered in your... um, blood" I said, my voice quieter than usual. Gabby and Ken had turned back to face each other.

Garrus made a chuckle as I told him the last bit, "Yeah, well thanks, you have a steady hand apparently, would like to test you on a firing range sometime; against one of the galaxy s greatest snipers ha-ha" He said in response, both me and him laughed at the last comment, knowing for a fact he actually could be. I managed to say the words "Maybe I'll take you up on that challen-" before I was cut off by Joker over the speaker system "Sorry to interrupt, Garrus, Commander Shepard would like to see you in the conference room when you're ready" The voice cut off from the speakers "Thanks Joker, I'm on my way" Garrus replied, looking up to the speaker. Garrus looked back to me "We'll see about the shooting range later haha, good meeting you Tom" he said, before walking back off towards the elevator. Knowing he was going up to meet Commander Shepard, Jacob would also be there and would call Garrus "A tough son of a b*tch" the thought made me laugh to myself as I turned back to Gabby and Kenneth who turned to me and we began talking again.

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