Mass Effect: Reload

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my first fan fiction story. It's about the Mass Effect universe during Mass Effect 2. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy


4. Chapter Four


For the next couple of minutes I remained seated on the medical bed, sifting through the thoughts that floated around in my head; primarily of the situation I was in, possible paths I could take etcetera. Secondarily, I thought of the home I had left behind - Wondering if I had just been scrubbed out of existence and moved here instead or if I had just vanished without a trace. The thought of never seeing anyone I had ever known again was a lot to process, everything I had grown accustomed to, had been pulled from under me.

Tears of loss welled up in my eyes as I thought of family and friends, never having a chance to say goodbye. I couldn t remember the last thing I said to any of them. That hurt the most, not knowing if I left on bad words, or if my parents would even know I existed now that I was in this universe.

I wiped the tears from my face with the back of my hand, taking a deep and slow breath in and out, trying to calm myself. I stood up from the medical bed, my legs feeling weak under me, supporting myself with the side of the bed I shook my legs, trying to wake them up. Looking around the room slowly I spotted Doctor Chakwas sitting at her desk still, she finished her typing and on the haptic interface keyboard and looked over to me next to the bed.

"Are you alright Tom? If you don t mind being called that" She asked me, concern on her face accompanied by slightly furrowed eyebrows. "I just feel a bit weak, my legs don t really feel awake at the minute, and no I don t mind being called Tom sort of prefer it actually" I said in response to her, standing up straight; taking my hands from the bed as I spoke. The doctor stood up from her desk, sliding the chair back under as she rose. "You're probably in need of some food and drink, you haven t eaten in the last several hours, I was just going to fetch some dinner anyway so I ll grab you some too if you'd like" The sound of having some food and drink had much appeal to it. "Why don t you walk around the room, wake your legs up and I'll be back in a minute"

I gave her a brief nod accompanied by a smile, the doctor then walked to the med-bay door and left the room, the door sliding back into place behind her. The hydraulic noise of the door was shortly followed the quiet humming of the ship. I shook my legs one last time before I began to walk around the medical bay my steps varying from large too small. "I bet I look rather silly to EDI" I thought to myself suspecting she would be watching me during this time. After a moment or two my legs felt like mine again and Doctor Chakwas returned with two grey plastic trays.

I passed the Doctor a brief "Thank you" as she handed me one of the trays and I stood leaning over one of the medical beds, placing my tray on the bed in front of me. "God I really hope the food doesn't taste like ass" I thought, remembering some of the crew members on the game commented on the food sometimes as you walked past. The concern must have shown on my face as Doctor Chakwas looked at me, laughed and looked back to her tray. "It isn't as bad as some ship food I've eaten, it's healthy stuff this, besides, you need any food you can get from what the sounds you stomach were making earlier" the doctor joked.

I laughed at this and began to tuck into the varying foods on the tray, surprised to see some earth food I recognised, I gladly began eating the selection of meats and vegetables and the glass of water. After about 10 minutes of eating the tray meal and talking with the Doctor about what I thought of; the Alliance, the other species and of Cerberus, we both finished and Doctor Chakwas took the trays back to the cook. Happy with the fact the food didn't taste like ass and that I know was comfortably stuffed I went to the restroom (With permission from the doctor, who asked EDI to keep an eye on me there and back).

A few moments later, while returning to the med-bay, the automatic door for the observation room opened, nearly scaring me to death in the process, to reveal the abyss of space beyond the impressively large window. Feeling the pull towards the amazing view I guessed just a minute wouldn t matter too much. I walked into the observation room and stopped a step or two from the window, the view was spectacular. "A clear night sky on Earth ain't got anything on this" I said aloud, the beauty of space holding my eyes to the thousands of stars and collections of brightly coloured gases floating in space. Even through the light smoke being put out by Omega the stars shone brightly.

EDI, who must have still been watching me during the short time I was admiring the scene, prompted me to return to the medical bay. Looking up to the speakers above the door I told the AI "Alright EDI, I'm going" I then returned to the med-bay, as instructed by the Artificial Intelligence. Having looked around the sections of the ship between the med-bay and the observation room I learnt that the ship did follow the layout from the games so that was good. "I'd hate it if I had to figure out where everything was again" I thought entering the medical bay through the hydraulic door.

"You took your time, EDI told me of your detour to the observation room, I have to admit, I sometimes do the same thing when I have the time or when I need to think in peace... but you shouldn't go wandering around the ship" The last section was said by her in a stern tone. "We don t want to detain you, personally I don t see you as a threat, but the other might not see you as that" The fact that at least one person on the ship trusted me made the outlook of the situation not seem as bad.

I sat down next to the Doctor who wanted to know why I had no Immuno-booster (Which apparently were given to humans when they leave Earth and boosted the immune system against alien diseases and viruses), I told her that I had lived on a small colony in the Terminus Systems and we hadn't had access to things like that and shortly before I awoke on the Normandy the colony had been raided by Batarian pirates and that I had escaped on an evac shuttle. "I'm sorry to hear about your home Tom, truly, I ve never hated any species but the Batarians are one of my least favourite - pirates and the sort, though I met some nicer ones who worked as merchants, mechanics anyway, I m going to give you one of the older Immuno-boosters I have; just to be safe"

"Err Thanks Doc, I guess I don t really want Turian Flu or something I joked" laughing as I said it. Doctor Chakwas laughed at what I said as she stood up, walking over to a glass-fronted cupboard and opening it up, she searched through the shelves looking for something. I watched for a minute before she turned around with a small white cardboard box, she opened the box up, walking back over to the desk as she pulled out a syringe from the box, my heart began to race, I hated syringes with a passion. The syringe contained a strange liquid which changed colour depending on the angle you looked at it, though mainly transparent.

"Uh oh" I said under my breath as the took the plastic cover from the needle and placed it on the table, then flicking the syringe and squirting a little out of the needle. My heart was beating embarrassingly fast at this point. "Alright, put out your arm on the table and move your sleeve up" she told me, slowly, not wanting to have an injection at all I put my arm up and moved the sleeve. And the injection began.

A minute later, the immune-Booster was rushing through my blood stream and my arm had a precise point of pain in it. A quick wipe with a tissue wiped the blood away and I stood up for a walk around the room; plus Doctor Chakwas wanted to make sure I had no adverse effects to the injection, something like "1% of all people injected have negative side effects to the injection" . A few moments later I felt fine and the Doctor fetched me a glass of water to be sure.

From when I woke up in the med-bay it had been a few hours, Shepard, Jacob and Miranda had been gone for a while less on Omega and I still had no answers to give Shepard as to how I got onto his ship or why I was in this universe in the first place. After finishing the water I remembered that there were showers in the restrooms on this level of the Normandy and I began to want one quite badly, being in the same clothes for so long and sleeping in them too doesn t exactly give the feeling of being the most hygienic person here.

"Hey, Doctor Chakwas, is there any chance I could catch a shower in the restrooms? I feel like I need one" I asked the doctor, she looked at me, had a little laugh and in response "Yes, I don t see why not" she said with an agreeing tone. "There should be some towels some there" I thought; "hopefully I don t need to buy one." "You might need another set of clothing as well, no point getting dressed back into your used clothes again" she looked at me, as if she was evaluating me "I think we ll have some clothes that fit you, Cerberus clothing, but clothing none-the-less"

The doctor left the room and came back a few minutes later with the Cerberus branded clothing, black and white T-shirt and black trousers with large black boots. "These should fit you fine; I trust you noticed where they were when you went to the restroom?" I nodded with her question. "Alright, well I'll let you go then, don't wander off again would you please?" She said, I laughed and nodded again as I left the room.

Around 5 minutes later I was washed, dressed in the new Cerberus clothing and feeling much better. Leaving the bathroom and walking back to the med-bay the speakers turned on and EDI's voice rang through the ship. "Commander Shepard and the shore party have returned, Med-bay prepare for emergency operations. Archangel was seriously injured during the mission. All Medically trained staff report to Doctor Chakwas." The synthetic voice cut off and then a sudden rush of adrenaline began running through my body. Garrus is Archangel; he is injured quite badly during his recruitment mission.

I don't know how but it had skipped my mind during all this time Shepard had been on Omega, I quickly picked up my things from the restroom and walked with a obviously quickened pace to the med-bay. The elevator was just opening as I was walking past, the sight was horrific. Garrus, Shepard and a dozen un-named crewmen were carrying Garrus on a medical board, rushing out of the elevator "Move Thomas!" Shepard barked as I jumped out of the way, blue liquid was covering Garrus face and the medical board. Garrus rifle slipped from his grasps as he lost consciousness, it hit the floor with a clatter, not bothered by the dropped weapon; the others continued rushing to the med-bay.

I stood there for a few moments, locked in what had just happened, the rifle not in its compact form still rested on the floor, splatters of blue liquid, turian blood, covered some of the rifle. I walked over to it hesitantly, picked it up where no blood splashes were and carried it over to the rest room. I shook my head trying to free it from the moment that just happened. Not wanting to return to the med-bay, not wanting to see my favourite character like that. I figured I'd clean his weapon for him, remove the blood. I don't think he'll want his rifle back to him like this, especially after what s just happened to him.

I began to clean the rifle in the restroom, placing it on the fold out table from the wall and cleaning it delicately and thoroughly with the disposable towels. The smell of turian blood, which reminded me of the smell of gas, was awful filling my nostrils but I persevered, for Garrus sake. Trying not to think of what just happened to him.

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