Mass Effect: Reload

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my first fan fiction story. It's about the Mass Effect universe during Mass Effect 2. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy


5. Chapter Five


I m not sure how long I was in restroom since Garrus had been rushed into the med-bay.

I had been focusing on the weapon, cleaning it as precisely as I could, not wanting to damage the futuristic sniper rifle. Attempting to keep my mind occupied with whatever I could, however the image of Garrus on the medical board was burned into my mind; before that I had never seen such as serious injury first-hand. Not a great place to start.

After maybe an hour (At a guess) I had cleaned the majority of the blood from the rifles body, sight and barrel. The blue liquid did not take long to wash off the rifle; it luckily hadn t time to coagulate on the weapon and came off with no real issue. The smell which reminded me of gas, still drifted through my nostrils which had to adjust to the new smell and a sickness in my stomach rose and fell repeatedly during the time I was in the restroom.

From looking at the weapon for the time I had been cleaning I had figured out how to change the weapon from its extended version to the compact version, a small button just above the triggering mechanism changed the weapons form. I had also learnt how thermal clips were injected/ ejected from the sniper rifle; a small section of the rifle would push inwards and allow thermal clips into the weapon, while ejection of the clips required the user to pull back on a tab on the left side of the body.

Through this time the sound of shouting crew members and medical staff pierced the air demanding various medical devices and medicines. Their voices were the only noises that passed to me at this time; my iPod earphones were in my ears at this point. I could always concentrate more with music.

After what seemed like hours I had finished the cleaning of the weapon and my investigation into its inner workings (or at least the basics of such) being more technically minded on Earth might have helped a little. I finally pushed the compact button on the weapon and the several sections of the rifle folded into one-another, decreasing its overall size. I then moved all of the paper towels into the trash chute and washed my hands thoroughly; my skin had taken on a slight blue-ish tint to it from the blood and took several minutes to scrub it off.

A couple of moments later I picked up the rifle and left the rest room, removing my earphones and placing them back in my pocket. The silence was heavy, like a thick fog over the whole ship; straining my ears to hear more, there was nothing, only the muffled humming of the vessel s engine. Taking a step around the corner I could begin to hear the noise of hydraulic doors opening and closing, a few seconds parted the noise each time. I slowly walked towards the medical bay, passing the table made for eating at; a few of the crew members were sat at the table with their faces looking down at the table top, it was hard to discern their emotions.

I increased my walking speed, my heart beating faster, half of me wanting to turn around and wait for news and the other, more dominant said wanting to check on Garrus condition. As I passed the glass windows of the med-bay I spotted the turian layer out on one of the medical beds, Doctor Chakwas applying what appeared to be Medi-gel on his face wound. I slowed to a stop at the medical door, taking a deep breath in and exhaling as I entered the room. The feel of the room was different than it had been when I had been the patient. I was once again greeted with the gas-like smell of turian blood along with a mixture of disinfectant and the artificial tinge to the air, the lights had been dimmed on the far side of the room near Garrus and Doctor Chakwas.

I cautiously walked down the other side of the med-bay, not wanting to disturb the doctor as she worked; her body was blocking view of Garrus face so I couldn t see his condition until I got close to the two. My breathing heavy, I reached the end of the medical bed and passed around to the other side of the bed opposite the doctor. The turian lay out on the medical bed breathing deeply; his eyes flickered from the doctor to me as I approached the bed. "Is he alright?" I inquired grimly, casting my glance to Doctor Chakwas as I asked her.

"He's a tough one Garrus; Turians are a hardy race even on the worst of days but he's strong" the last couple of words had an underlying tone of uncertainty to them. "He helped the Commander fight the geth, Saran and Sovereign and the attack on the Citadel". She added. My memories cast back as she said that, remembering I took Garrus and Tali on the final mission.

"I've cleaned his rifle, I... I figured he wouldn't want it covered in blood..." I told her, raising it over the bed and holding it out in both hands, still in its compact form, the weapon looked as clean as ever. She looked to Garrus with a half-smile before looking back to me, picking up the rifle steadily and placing it on a small table next to her. "Thank you" the doctor said smiling lightly "I'm surprised you managed to clean it without damaging it, these kinds of rifles often take a steady hand" I looked to Garrus as she spoke, the cybernetics used to reconstruct the section of his face hit were lit in places, deep blue lights under the layer of Medi-gel.

"I just have a steady hand I guess plus, I like technology, hah" I told her, my voice quiet, not wanting to disturb Garrus, casting a glance to him, our eyes meeting for a second before the sound of the med-bay door grabbing my attention. Shepard and Jacob entered the room, Shepard still wearing his armour and Jacob in his Cerberus jumpsuit, neither of them had their weapons on them "probably been in the armoury" I thought as the two walked up to the medical bed quietly, they both gave me a look I couldn t quite pin-point, somewhere between confusion and respect.

"So you re our stow-away, Thomas, is it? I'm Jacob" He said to me, standing next me as Shepard stood at the end of the bed, talking to the doctor about what I assumed would be Garrus. "Um, yeah I guess that could be it, nice to meet you" I replied to him, his good nature and trusting personality showing somewhat. "So how is he?" Jacob asked me, looking down to the injured turian, who attempted to speak but was hushed by Doctor Chakwas, something about "Allowing Medi-gel time to work" and something about a "procedure" . All me, Shepard and Jacob chuckled a little at this, Doctor Chakwas giving a stern look to us, followed by a slight smile and shaking her head.

"Our Thomas here turns out to be knowledgeable somewhat in maintenance of sniper rifles, Commander" The doctor said to Shepard looking up to him, before turning her attention to a Datapad resting on the table next to her, reading the streams of information. "He managed to clean Garrus rifle without giving it a scratch from what I can see, beyond what most teenagers that I ve seen can do she added." The commander looked to me with these comments, his eye brows raised slightly "Really?" The commander asked, most likely rhetorically, looking to the rifle on the small table. "Nice work Thomas, where'd you learn that?" he asked looking back to me from the rifle; Embarrassed at the attention, my words didn t want to come out. "He says he's just got a steady hand" the doctor said, noticing my awkwardness I thought "and that he likes technology in general, a techy in the making I think" she added, putting the Datapad down and walking over to the glass fronted cabinets.

"Maybe, though he doesn't have an Omni-tool, at all that s like having no heart for an aspiring techy hah" the Commander replied, laughing slightly at the end. He looked down to one side again, his thinking face "Cerberus put a pack of different Omni-tools down on Engineering, they said in case I needed another that suited me more, I think Cerberus can spare one or two of those Omni-tools" The commander said smiling to me. My heart skipped at beat at the mention of getting my own Omni-tool, those cool looking orange holographic gauntlet; that could be used for anything from being at torch (Or flashlight, whatever you call it) to hacking synthetics and causing overloads. My thoughts were all over during those few seconds, I managed to scramble a few words together to suit my thoughts "That sounds awesome" thanks I told the commander, feeling excited at getting my own Omni-tool.

"Alright, gentlemen I need to apply the healing pack to Garrus now; it should speed up the healing process" the doctor said from the medical cabinets. My thoughts turned to the white, almost fabric looking padding that covered his face in game, I remembered never fully knowing what it was, just guessing. Doctor Chakwas voice was stronger than before, she walked back with an average sized grey case, roughly the size of a small laptop. On the label of the case were some medical information and the Cerberus logo in the corner. Assuming the case contained the healing pack, Commander Shepard began to walk from the med-bay, me and Jacob followed a few seconds after. I gave Garrus a final look as I walked away, our eyes met again for a few seconds before I left the med-bay in silence.

Commander Shepard was waiting for me and Jacob as we left the med-bay and the door slid together behind us. "So, Tom, do you want to go choose an Omni-tool now?" Shepard asked, standing against the wall. "Uhm, Yes commander" I said in reply, my excitement level rising by the minute. "Alright then, we'll head down to engineering now then" Shepard told me. Jacob stood to salute the commander saying "Commander, I'll return to the armoury, I'll be there if you need me" before walking towards the elevator. Commander Shepard led the way to the Engineering deck, a few moments later we arrived at the bottom of the ship. Red lights were all that illuminated the enclosed area, crates lay scattered around the room, and the sound of the engine humming ran under the sounds of out footsteps on the metal floor as we approached one of the crates.

The commander opened the crate marked "SSV NORMANDY - OMNI-TOOLS" , I small hiss sounded as the crates lid slid open. Inside were collections of boxes, some were black in colour and others were greys and some were white. After Shepard explained the basic principle of the coloured boxes which was that black boxed Omni-tools were harder hitting and did more damage with things like overloads and incinerates, grey boxes had longer durations and could control synthetics and create droids for longer and the white boxed ones contained Omni-tools that had higher recharge speeds and could process actions and information faster. I decided to choose one of the white boxed Omni-tools figuring that faster recharging and processing capacity would come in useful.

I picked up one of the white boxes labelled "XV Omni-Pro" the box displayed an Omni-tool and described the basic functions of the Omni-tool. I held it in my hands, the box near match-box size, was smaller than I thought it would be but I wasn t complaining. I stopped admiring the box and looked up to Shepard and thanked him for the Omni-tool, he said that Cerberus has far too many credits and helping me out was his way of putting better use to those credits. We both laughed and I looked back down to the box, as we walked back to the elevator I couldn t help but smile at it, "This is going to kick ass" I thought to myself as the elevator rose to the crew deck and the doors opened.

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