The Island That Changed Everything

Shannon has always hated Faith, and Faith has never known why. But when Faith discovers an Island and decides to share it with Shannon, she discover a little bit more about Shannon than she attened too......


2. The Penthouse - Shannon


I woke up, a cornflower blue sky staring down at me, the sun blinding me. I sighed. Sometimes, having a see-through glass roof was so annoying.

I opened up my curtains and looked at the gardens, 4 acres decorated in Leaves. Right in the centre was my large tree house, standing tall and proud with it's ladder wrapped around the tree. I loved that tree's a shame it's unstable.


I took a one pound coin from my box that contained money, placed it on my desk, then and went for a shower.


After about 10 minutes, I came out, Skin glowing, hair bright and smelling of sweet, sweet strawberries. I pulled on a ditzy floral skirt, a white lace top and a thin brown belt, struck all together to make a dress, which was one of the most chic and stylish one in my wardrobe. I curled my hair into massive clumps and carelessly tossed it to the right, making sure my eyes were visible. I threw on my brown ankle boots and stroked the Italian leather, letting it smooth on my fingertips. I look effortlessly stylish.


As I walked down the stairs, I noticed a eerie silence. Mum and dad must feel quite, I thought. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a message on my phone and touched it.

“Hi sweetie!” Mum and dad chorused. “Shannon, we are So sorry but we can't have breakfast with you today, we are way behind schedule. Sorry sweetie. Love you!” It cut. There was no longer silence....just heartbreak. It's always like this. Slowly, I rose and silently made my way to the dining room, where our 6 seated table stood. I sat on a leather chair.

“salut Madame Shannon, pain au chocolat?” Asked Ava, our au pair. She showed me a chocolate croissant and cut it in the middle, letting me see the oozing chocolate.

“Certainement!” I told her, digging in.  

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